Worldwide cases of Covid exceed 500 million by subvariant BA.2 of Ómicron. Follow the map in real time

This Thursday the 500 million cases of the Covid-19 worldwide, according to a count of Reutersas the highly contagious subvariant BA.2 from Omicron is increasing in many countries in Europe and Asia.

The increase in BA.2 it has been attributed to recent spikes in China, as well as record infections in Europe. It has been called the “stealth variant” because it is somewhat more difficult to track than others.

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South Korea leads the daily average of new casesregistering more than 182 thousand new infections a day and representing one in four infections worldwide, according to an analysis of Reuters.

New cases are rising in 20 of the more than 240 countries and territories tracked, including Taiwan, Thailand and Bhutan.

Shanghai is battling the worst outbreak of Covid-19 in China since the virus it first emerged in Wuhan in late 2019, with nearly 25,000 new local cases reported, though the city’s quarantine policy is criticized for separating children from their parents and lumping asymptomatic cases with those with symptoms.

“Epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai are at the most difficult and most critical stage,” Wu Qianyu, an official with the municipal health commission, told a briefing.

Despite the recent drop in cases Y deathsin some European countries and in the US there is a slower increase in cases.

According to the count Reutersin Germany, the seven-day average of new infections it fell and now stands at 59% of its previous peak at the end of March. New cases are also declining in the UK and Italy, while they remain stable in France.

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In general, Covid-19 cases They have fallen sharply in the United States after hitting record levels in January, but a resurgence of cases in parts of Asia and Europe has raised fears of another wave in the United States.

The BA.2 currently represents about 86% of all cases sequenced in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Known to be more transmissible than subvariants BA.1 Y BA.1.1 from Omicron.

However, the evidence obtained so far suggests that the BA.2 it is not more likely to cause serious illness.

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Although cases have skyrocketed in Europe and Asia recently, the United States remains the country with the highest number of COVID-19 infections. covid since the start of the pandemic, with 80.41 million, followed by India, with 43.4 million, and Brazil, with 30.14 million.

Regarding the actuality of the virus in Mexicothe latest data from the Health Secretary indicate that the country accumulates 5 million 724 thousand 611 cases and 323 thousand 848 deaths for Covid-19.

With information from Reuters

Map of the coronavirus in real time

University Johns Hopkins of Baltimore, United States, developed a map that allows to monitor the cases of coronavirus worldwide in real time.


In order to provide a better understanding of the epidemic situation, the site shows the regions in which it spread and the number of confirmed cases. It also notes how many deaths the coronavirus has caused, and how many have managed to recover from it. Covid-19.

The tool collects data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, and the Chinese website DXY, among other sources.

The map is not just a resource for the public; On the contrary, the professor at the University Johns HopkinsLauren Gardner assured that this tool could be used in the future to study this virus.