Without a peso and disfigured: After 18 years of retirement, former TV Azteca star ‘returns’ to Televisa

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Mexico City.- A beloved actress, who wears 18 years removed from soap operas from Televisa Y Aztec TVreappears in networks of today program in his famous character of ‘Ruby‘, who had a tragic end because was ruined and disfigured.

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It’s about the beautiful and talented Barbara Moriwho debuted as an actress in the adjust at the end of the 90s. The Uruguayan actress gave life to villains and protagonists in Tric-Trac, North of the heart, Woman’s gaze, Tequila blue Y Get on my motorcycle.

However, in 2004 he obtained the leading role of a successful soap opera on Televisa that marked a before and after in his career: the shameless ‘Ruby Perez‘ in Rubymelodrama produced by Jose Alberto ‘El Guero’ Castro with Sebastian Rulli Y Eduardo Santamarina as leading men.

It was said that by going to the competition, she would have been banned from TV Azteca, however, although everyone thought that Mori would do more projects in the San Angel TVabandoned soap operas and has 18 years missing of the small screen.

The actress has focused more on making commercials and movies, although she has not returned to have a role as iconic as ‘Ruby‘. Despite her fame and fortune, the actress commented that she had a bad time, because she felt “alone and empty”, since inside she was “broken”.

Despite this hard time he lived through, this role is still remembered and the telenovela has been broadcast again with a large audience, so this time in the Twitter of the program todayTelevisa’s morning paper, they remembered the niece of ‘Rubí’, ‘Fernanda‘, who was his sister’s daughter’Christina‘ Y ‘Cajetan‘.

The actress Kristel Casteele gave her life, who surprised by her resemblance to Barbara in fiction, now she is a whole young woman. Although she had a promising future, she decided quit acting and devote himself to studies. In Las Estrellas they exhibited how it looks now.

They also revealed what he looks like now’Paco‘, interpreted by Sergio Argueta, who was the eternal lover of ‘Rubí’ in the melodrama. The actor also left the forums after having been in some unit episodes on Televisa.

Now the beautiful actress who finished dilapidated and disfigured in her character of Rubí, because she did not know how to handle her fortune and ambition took over her, she turned 44 years old and the Uruguayan is the complete opposite of that beautiful fictional villain.

Barbara continues to be one of the most beautiful faces of the show and is in great health. On the other hand, in the networks of the program Todayin another note for Las Estrellas, they also recalled that she became a very young mother with Serge Mayer.

his firstborn Sergio Mayer Moriwas born in 1998, when she was just 19 years old, so she joins the list of celebrities as Violeta Isfel, Ludwika Paleta, Evaluna Y Stephanie Chamberswho also debuted as moms at an early age.

The actress remains active on her social networks, however, she has not expressed interest in returning to soap operas because she is focused on other projects, so all that remains is to remember her great work on the small screen.

Source: TlNovelas YouTube channel, Twitter @programa_hoy and Instagram @delamori and @tlnovelas_tv