What is the restaurant that Kate del Castillo visited with her family and how much does it cost to eat there?

Yesterday the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo shared on her Twitter account her experience in one of the restaurants with one of the largest waiting lists in Mexico City. “What a pity, Mexico being the country with the best service, in one of the ‘top 10’ restaurants, they did not want to heat the dish that was served to me cold. The person in charge, rude to my parents and my partner Carmen Cervantes, just for asking a table without sun for them”.


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That post garnered 140 retweets, 18 quoted tweets, and 910 likes. Some of her followers supported her, while others made fun of her complaint.

What restaurant is it?

This restaurant with seasonal cuisine and both French and Mexican techniques is one of the references of contemporary national cuisine. Tourists looking for gastronomic experiences include it on their list of restaurants to visit. Is about Maximum Bistrotby Eduardo Garcia.

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In Tripadvisor the community has rated it a four out of five. It is number 29 of 472 in the category of international restaurants registered on said platform. Of the last five comments that were shared, three are positive and two are negative, which emphasize the service, the cost of the tasting menu because it does not represent the quality of the food or the choice of pairings.

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On Facebook his rating is 4.5, with the maximum being five. As for the opinions, before the incident with Kate, the last 10 were 80 percent positive.

What can you eat at Maximo?

Eduardo cooks according to what is in season. If the supplier arrives at dawn with two boxes of mushrooms, he will focus on the product for his dishes of the day. although he has a line, there is room for improvisation. An grilled octopus It can coexist with a pot mole, just as a pico de gallo enhances a black cod with miso. Among his dishes that have already marked history in Máximo are the onions in whey and gratin with a lot of cheese; as well as his roasted eggplant purée that he shares at the beginning of the experience with bread and his risottos.

The À la carte service for two people it is an average of $2,545 assuming that the plates to share will be ordered (sharing the plate of onion cooked in whey, caesar salad, crab toast, and an octopus ceviche to share, as well as the grilled red snapper and the bald pork loin as main courses and a tarte tatin for the sweet ending) as well as two waters of the day and two glasses of Trasiego, a blend of Mexican white wine.

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The tasting menu per person has a value of $3,400 pesos without pairing, with pairing, its price reaches $4,750.00 pesos.

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