Titanic: 4 curiosities about the famous ship 110 years after its shipwreck

  • Edison Veiga
  • From Bled (Slovenia) for BBC News Brazil

image source, Getty Images


The Titanic was built in a shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It was night and most of the passengers were asleep when, exactly 110 years ago, an iceberg ended the first voyage of the most impressive passenger ship ever built, the Titanic.

The ship was traveling at 41 kilometers per hour. Less than 3 hours later, she had already become a shipwreck, sunk in the far reaches of the Atlantic on the night of April 14-15, 1912.

Its remains were located only in September 1985: the ship was divided into two parts, separated 800 meters apart, at a depth of 3,843 meters, 650 kilometers from Canada.

BBC News Brazil spoke with experts about some curiosities of this famous shipwreck.