The FIA ​​comes out in defense of the Safety Car and responds to Verstappen

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The safety car appeared twice last Sunday at Albert Park. The low pace of the Aston Martin caused the tires to cool down in the neutralized peloton, which relaunched the test in sub-optimal conditions. The discontent of the Formula 1 drivers was enormous, especially from the leaders who claimed to increase the speed of the SC. Four days later, the FIA ​​has responded to the complaints.

Forbidden to mess with dad and mom

Mercedes and Aston Martin are the car companies that offer their brand image through F1 Safety Cars. We are talking about the AMG GT Black Series and the Vantage respectively, whose power is superlative compared to street cars. That is why the comments of various drivers such as Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and George Russell have pissed off the FIA, which has been forced to issue a statement in defense of the official SC of the championship.

In this, the International Automobile Federation has been blunt: “In the wake of recent comments about Formula 1’s safety car pace, the FIA ​​wants to reiterate that the primary function of a Safety Car is not to increase speedbut to preserve the safety of the pilots, marshals and officials”, reads the writing.

The FIA ​​has emphasized what are the goals pursued by a safety car, despite the many complaints from F1 drivers, who drive much faster single-seaters: “The procedure of a SC takes into account multiple objectivesdepending on the incident in question: neutralize the group, negotiate the recovery from an incident or the removal of elements on the track in a safe way, and adjust the pace according to the activities that are taking place in different parts of the circuit”, continues the message.

The FIA ​​sends a message to the pilots

The statement continues with a staunch support for Mercedes and Aston Martin, claiming that Safety Car speed is generally determined by Race Direction and is not limited by the performance of the Safety Cars, in response to Russell’s suggestion that claimed that the Vantage is five seconds slower than the AMG: “SCs are high-performance, custom-designed vehicles from two of the world’s best manufacturers, equipped to handle ever-changing track conditions. They are driven by a highly trained and experienced pilot and co-pilot”, continues the FIA ​​in reference to Bernd Maylander.

In short, that the drivers stop showing their anger at inconsistencies and that they do not stain the figure of the two car brands that sponsor F1. This is the notice that the FIA ​​has intended to issue between the lines: “The impact of the speed of the SC on the performance of the following cars is a secondary considerationsince it affects all competitors equally, who are always responsible for driving safely at all times and according to the conditions of their car on the circuit”, concludes the Federation, blaming the pilots more than the controversial Melbourne Vantage.

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