The fans’ candidates for the team’s next technical director

Chivas fans on social networks like Matías Almeyda’s return to the bench or give way to new options

The technician Michel Leano was dismissed from Chivas during the morning of this Thursday, after the defeat 1 to 3 against Monterey that filled the patience of the fans in the Akron Stadium and again provoked both chants against him as well as discriminatory shouts that suspended the duel for a few moments.

Along the Closure 2022 the followers of Chivas asked for the dismissal of Michel Leano due to the string of poor results obtained after 13 dates, with a balance of three wins, five draws and the same number of defeats, which place them outside the play-off zone with four dates remaining on the calendar, with Cruz Azul , Tijuana, Pumas and Necaxa as next rivals.

During his time as a technician Chivas, Michel Leano digested a total of 22 duels, with a balance of five wins, nine draws and eight setbacks, which translates into a 36% effectiveness, with 22 of 66 possible points.

For this reason, ESPN launched a dynamic in social networks to find out the voice of the fans, which expresses the ideal candidate for the bench of Chivas according to his opinion, and this was the result.

Matias Almeyda

The Argentine coach is fondly remembered by the red-and-white parishioners because, with his presence on the bench, Chivas raised the last titles that are located in the showcases of the institution.

The ‘Peeled’ Almeida assumed the position as ‘shepherd’ of the Flock in the Opening 2015 and in that same semester he got the MX Cup after winning 1-0 against León.

At the end of that season, Almeida added his second title with Chivas thanks to the 2-0 victory against Veracruz at the end of the MX Super Cup.

In 2017, Chivas conquered the MX Cup corresponding to Closure and in that same tournament he added the twelfth star to the shield of the institution with the league trophy.

Anthony Mohamed

The name of the Argentine coach has been on the desk of Chivas twice in recent years, however, his arrival has not materialized.

Prior to his second stage with Monterrey (2019-20), Anthony Mohamed Y Chivas they began conversations for his possible signing, however, the agreement did not materialize.

Similarly, the name of the ‘Turk’ resonated in the institution after the departure of Víctor Vucetich (2021), but in his place he arrived Michel Leano.

From January 2022, Anthony Mohamed He is coach of Atlético Mineiro, a Brazilian club with which he won the Brazilian Super Cup a month of his management, as well as the regional title of Minas Gerais, whose capital is Belo Horizonte.

Marcelo Bielsa

The ‘Loco’ has a past in the MX League with Atlas and America, however, the last time he managed a Mexican team dates back to the 1995-96 season with the Eagles and a possible return to the MX League to lead the Flock seems like a dream on the part of the rojiblanca fans.

The Argentine’s last adventure in the technical zone ended in February, after Leeds United announced his departure from the club during his fourth season in charge of the team. It is worth mentioning that Bielsa took the ‘Whites’ in the Second Division during the 2018-19 campaign and promoted him to the Premier League at the end of the following cycle.

Jose Luis Sanchez Solá

The Mexican coach is known for his ability to motivate teams and get them out of precarious situations, as is the case with Chivas in it Closure 2022which is located outside the play-off zone with four days to go in the tournament.

The experience of ‘Chelís’ on the bench adds to Puebla, tecos, roadrunner, Chivas USA, Veracruz, deer Y las vegas lights.