The 3 best-selling bluetooth speakers are neither JBL nor Sony nor Xiaomi…


Surprising to see how such an unknown firm has been able to reap so much success in this segment dominated by larger ones.

The terrain of portable sound it is often dominated by a privileged few. Sony, JBL or Xiaomi have great options for weatherproof bluetooth speakers that fit the canon of devices for use in summer anywhere. But we have run into the top 3 of best selling speakers on amazon and it has surprised us.

If I mention you tronsmart It surely sounds like you have seen this brand in a search for speakers or headphones on the internet. Well, it is this and no other brand that has 3 of its bluetooth speakers located on the podium of the best sellers of the moment in the store of the American giant. We tell you in detail what they offer us and why they are all good buys.

The 3 best-selling bluetooth speakers of the moment

The 3 best-selling speakers offer spectacular sound and long-lasting batteries

Tronsmart has many models of speakers on the market and the vast majority are specially designed to withstand bumps, drops and even submersion in water. Come on, they are perfect to endure a good summer without worrying about your speaker and take it wherever it suits you best. All of them share the integration of microphones to use as hands free on calls. We are now talking about the 3 models, whose prices range from 40 to 120 euros.

  • Tronsmart T6 Plus: This is a speaker that claims to be somewhere in the middle in terms of price. We have a 40W powerwater resistance with IPX6 certifieda battery that lasts up to 15 hours of music uninterrupted and works with Bluetooth 5.0. Provides the technology triple bass effect that boosts the bass to unsuspected limits. For me, the best and most balanced option of the list.

  • Tronsmart T2 Plus: if your budget is somewhat more limited, this model will convince you. It has greater autonomy reaching the 24 hours of useit is more waterproof with IPX7 certification and its power down to 20W. On the other hand, it charges through a USB-C port and is designed to offer a shocking sound despite its small size.

  • Tronsmart Bang: This is the largest, most powerful and most expensive of the three models. Just with its name you can imagine what you are going to find. We have one 60 W power, 24 hours of autonomy and IPX6 water resistance. So far something along the lines of the other models. But we add colored led lights that light up to the rhythm of the music and NFC connectivity for a faster link with compatible devices. He is able to pair with up to 100 speakers Tronsmart to sound in unison. A party of colored lights and extreme sound.

As you can see, the 3 models they are great options shopping right now. With the summer just released, we want to go to the beach, the pool or the mountains and take with us our favorite musicdo meditation exercises with special themes for it or for throw a party with friends where battery hours and music volume are not an issue.

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