Televisa will never surpass Christian Martinoli and even the people “at home” accept it

Televisa continues to lose in the rating with Martinoli and García. Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Televisa and its chronic decline have once again been evidenced. This time it was for a former worker, a man of the house. Eduardo Trelles, who for more than thirty years worked at the Chapultepec television stationpublished a tweet in which he normalized the dominance that TV Azteca exercises over his former colleagues. “Nothing changes”, were the two words with which the son of the mythical Nacho Trelles set fire to social networks. The journalist and analyst left Televisa three years ago along with other colleagues who had spent a lifetime in the sports bar.

Of course, the responses to the brief but incendiary tweet from Trelles were immediate. Many fans applauded his position, as they argued that even the people at home realize who has a hand in the broadcasts of the Mexican National Team. But others were outraged, like Damián Russian Zamogilny, current sports commentator who belongs to the new generation. “Can’t you respect the work of your former colleagues, Eduardo Trelles? You can’t be so poisonous… I hope you do well”, was the claim of the former player from clubs like Puebla and Tecos.

Something must be very wrong with TUDN so that those who until recently worked there decide to open their chests and express what is evident in the eyes of millions: they are below TV Azteca. And not only theirs. In the last Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020, Imagen Televisión, an incipient television station that was born in 2016, also surpassed TUDN in the rating of the matches of the Mexican National Team, according to information from the specialized consultant Ibope.

There is no doubt that Televisa runs out of options every day. They have used all the cards available to them with little success. Its two stellar commentators, Oswaldo Sánchez and Kikín Fonseca, are the subject of ridicule and memes on social networks one week in and the other too. On the other hand, Paco Villa, the main narrator of the network, has become a specialist in leading cheap fights, in addition to being forced to apologize when he hits America very hard, as if we were in the 80s.

It has not worked for them to present other “more serious” analysts such as Marc Crosas and the aforementioned Zamogilny, who with their accents and pretty words try to dazzle people and make them believe that they do know about soccer. In the end, the public perceives them as a couple of commentators who tend to pedantry, something that is still very common in TUDN: although not at the top, they still have a very large reserve of pride. Perhaps that explains, in part, why they are incapable of noticing everything that people demand of them and that, consequently, they have low preferences.

The match between Mexico and Guatemala was another sign of TV Azteca's dominance in the rating.  (Omar Vega/Getty Images)

The match between Mexico and Guatemala was another example of TV Azteca’s dominance in the rating. (Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Now, in a recycled attempt, they want to play with the nostalgia caused by Enrique’s retirement Dog Bermúdez, its star narrator for more than thirty years. First, they brought back Raúl Sarmiento to make a pair with Bermúdez in the game between Mexico and Guatemala.despite the fact that in 2019 Sarmiento had been fired with all the coldness in the world, because there was no old school that had a place in the great changes they wanted to undertake. That is why they decided to do without other professionals with a long career and good acceptance among the public, such as Javier Sahagún and Eduardo Camarena.

Later it was announced that Raúl Orvañanos will once again form a duo with the Dog. It is what Televisa has left: to appeal to nostalgia now that his present is a source of ridicule in every game. The public just won’t accept them no matter how “innovative” they make themselves. Nothing changes, said Eduardo Trelles. Martinoli and Garcia’s dominance will one day end, even today they are arguably closer to the end than the beginning. TUDN, Televisa Deportes or whatever they like to call themselves, can only hope that their executioners tire soon and then they can occupy the throne they lost.


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