Sylvia Pasquel assures that Silvia Pinal is depressed: “I arrive and she is like a vegetable”

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After the controversy caused by the cancellation of Silvia Pinal’s performance in the play ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, what’s up with your grandmother!’, and criticism from various media outlets of the production and the children of the famous Sylvia Pasquel had a conversation with Javier Poza on her radio show, where she revealed that if it weren’t for the setting, the last living diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema would be getting depressed at home.

“My mom was the one who asked Iván, my mom has been trying to get back into the theater and they offered her some playsmy mother read these works, in fact they had a reading at home and the result was that the producer said that my mother was no longer in a position to do a work where she would bear the responsibility,” said Pasquel.

After the producer gave this diagnosis, he would have decided on a children’s story because he does not have the responsibility of the main character. The agreement is that the actress appears only once a week and gives only one function.

“My mom is the one who has decided to resume her career in this way, everyone says no because she deserves a great tribute,” according to Sylvia, even the tributes have been criticized and although She has tried to contact Fine Arts to carry out one, so far they have not responded.

No one is doing things to harm her, she is enthusiastic and wants to be working, well let’s see right now where all the big producers in Mexico are offering my mom a project

“I’ve been asking Fine Arts for years to open the doors for us to pay homage to Silvia Pinal and they haven’t listened to me, there isn’t even the intention, they don’t even answer me, so all those people who say so much that they complain so much that They say so much that my mother does not deserve this project, so I invite them to do something, because it is very easy to say, that they pay tribute to her, “he said.

Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter did not drop anything on this occasion and exploded against those who criticize that she deserves better and against the producers who refuse to hire her or offer her good projects.

She wants to be working what are you going to do for her, you can’t be forbidding her not to do things either, because she has free will and she is happy with the project,” said Pasquel, who, extremely upset, questioned whether it was better to leave her depressed at home.

Sylvia Pasquel assures that she does not want to see how Silvia Pinal spends her last days watching television

“There are no projects, would it be better to see her die sitting in front of the television? Because nobody is going to see her, I visit her every day, I take her to eat, I take her to the movies, I go out with her often, I see her three times a day. I go to her bedroom and she’s there like a vegetable, I tell her ‘mamita I’m going to fix you because we’re going to the theater’, and she tells me let’s go find clothes, we’re going to do this, she revives when you talk to her about the theater “.

He added: “There is no project, and if my mom wants to do this, I don’t know if this is a project that affects her in her career because the great diva can decide what she wants… I hear comments from Pepillo Origel, for example, and none of those people come to try to lift her spirits because she is depressed.she is sad because she does not have a job, they see her sad, they see her depressed with the desire to continue being active”.

The actress stated that the only thing she wants as a daughter is to see her mother happy: “At the end of the day What I want is for my mom to be happy for as long as she has leftthat she be happy, and not see her secluded in her room just because she no longer has to be exhibited because people don’t want to see her like that “.

“I don’t want to see my mom depressed either, I don’t want to see my mom spend her last moments watching television either, because no one makes her a proposal, no one tells her hey, I already got the Fine Arts theater to pay you tribute,” Sylvia Pasquel concluded on Silvia Pinal’s situation.