Survey reveals which are the favorite breakfasts, lunches and desserts in Colombia

With such a variety of products and flavors, it has been impossible for the country to have a single dish that represents all of Colombian cuisine.

Colombian food experts highlight the culinary diversity of our country, which is characterized by the variety of its products and the number of interesting options when choosing what to eat. Colombia stands out for have a multiple, original and versatile seasoning, that offers a mixture of colors, flavors and aromas to make any diner fall in love.

For example, the food of the Caribbean region is represented with a variety of seafood and fish. Among the main dishes you can enjoy the coconut rice and shrimp.

The Andean region is the largest in Colombia and is considered the region with the greatest tradition in Colombian gastronomy. Its main ingredients are potatoes in all its varieties, legumes, fresh cheese, corn, and beef and pork. One of the characteristic dishes of this region of Colombia is the paisa tray. which is a food known for its variety of ingredients.

As for gastronomy of the Pacific region, this is known for its African heritage. Its cuisine is characterized by biodiversity that includes products from the sea and rivers, wild fruits such as sweet potatoes and cocoroma. And herbs like basil and mint.

In the Eastern Plains, red meat, some poultry, cassava, rice and plantain predominate. One of their typical dishes It is the mamona, a grilled veal that is seasoned with cherries, salt and traditional herbs.

While in the Amazon Region, their meals are represented by ingredients such as yucca, fish, turtle meat, chili, pineapple and chontaduro. Among its most popular preparations you can find runny fish, a fish wrapped in banana leaves.

With such a variety of products and flavors, It has been impossible for the country to have a single dish that represents all of Colombian cuisine. For this reason and as part of its 75th anniversary celebration, the restaurant and pastry shop yanuba, conducted a survey to find out the favorite breakfasts, lunches, pastries and desserts of its customers, in so many years of service. This is how his chef made it known, Melco Sanchez:

As a result of our 75th anniversary, which gives us authority in the matter and being the only chain of restaurants and pastry shops that manages to bring together four generations at the same table, we decided to conduct a survey to establish which foods are preferred by Colombians and thus we created the top five of each category

The five favorite breakfasts for Colombians:

– Changua santafereña.

– French toast.

– Omelet of egg whites.

– Pancakes.

– Parfait. Mix of ice cream, fruits and cereals.

The five most consumed lunches in Colombia:

– Ajiaco Santafereño.

– Haunch tip, fine cut of grilled Angus.

– Spaghetti.

– Seafood salmon.

– ‘Bowl’ of Chicken.

The five most eaten desserts in Colombia:

“With our experience, we took on the task of establishing which are the favorite pastry products of Colombian households and we identified a list of 10 that reflect the variety of our pastry,” says Edilma Romero, Yanuba’s Pastry Chef.

– Lemon pie.

– Baked red fruit cheesecake.

– Millefeuille of guava, arequipe, chantilly.

– Caramel cake.

– Tres Leches Cake.

– Soursop cake.

– Red velvet cake.

– Yanuba traditional black ponqué with fruit, grapes, plums and nuts.

– Chocolate with almond without sugar.

– Apple strudel.

The five most requested doughs or breads:

– Wrapped corncob.

– Warm us up.

– Almond croissant.

– Chocolo arepa.

– Quail egg arepas.


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