Sonia teaches fashion design classes to young people from Tazajal; she has a career of more than 27 years-El Sol de Hermosillo

Sonia Valle Paredes’ incursion into the world of fashion design dates back to when she was only 9 years old, because from that age she began to use the pedal sewing machine, under the teaching of her grandmother.

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During her adolescence, she made her “pininos” by making her own clothes and fixing her friends’ clothes, until a little older she began to professionalize by taking classes from important fashion designers.

“In 1988 I began to study with my first teacher, a tailor, and already with the experience I had, since I started with my schooling for one year, I learned many things. I think that’s where I trained, because apart from the fact that I already had notions, I had a very good teacher, Carlos Medina, that’s where my passion for doing work well done began,” he said.

His preparation continued during the following years, meeting teachers such as the renowned fashion designer Pedro Contreras, who helped him a lot to perfect his technique.

By the year 2000, she opened a boutique together with a partner, Norma Romero, who is a great designer from Torreón. However, over time they had to take different paths.

“I was left alone, she had to leave, I went to live in Irapuato for 10 years, there I took drawing, artistic, painting classes, I further expanded my knowledge, within my profession,” he said.

Once she returned to Sonora, Sonia was invited to participate as a designer in the Nuestra Belleza contest, where she made costumes for the participants from the different municipalities.

However, after that important event, she had to take time off due to health complications, finding in her husband Rafael Santiago Limón Corbala, the support she needed to get ahead.

“I had a period of illness, a difficult moment for which I had to make the decision to stop putting so much cheek from everything and never having a period of rest, so I had to take a break, which served me a lot because I return to making clothes for sale, already in series size and apart from getting involved with another type of design, “he said.

Upon returning to activities, Sonia began working for an important fashion brand, where she made costumes for international artists such as Emmanuel.

Adapt in a pandemic

The work was going “from strength to strength” but with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the project had to be suspended, so he was left without a job and had to reinvent his job.

Through his Facebook page “Tzanda Textile Designs with Art and Fashion” he began selling face masks with personalized designs, which reached various parts of the country and even the United States.

“Thanks to the skills, knowledge and desire to get ahead and have this noble profession, I started with cheap, packaged face masks and that helped me a lot to get up more and grow a little more during the pandemic crisis,” he said.

After that, Sonia began to be a textile clothing instructor at the Community Center of the El Tazajal ejido, where she teaches several young women, who, like her at the time, are entering the world of fashion design.

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Her current work has been supported by the community delegate and by the Good Neighbors project, and Icatson began to participate by certifying the course she is offering.

“Very nice experience too, there sharing with students of all ages too, instilling in them that enthusiasm that anything can be done, that we have to make an effort, we are going to team up, start selling, there are some who have a trimester and are already doing their jobs,” he said.

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