Severance: what the revelation series of the year is about

It is necessary to take into account AppleTV+, really very much in mind. It is that the platform of the giant Apple is slowly showing its head in the competition among the other big platforms like Netflix or Prime Video. Perhaps there was not so much expectation in it because it is a new area for this company that was able to develop a unique operating system for computers, and that later conquered the cell phone market. Today it seems to imitate that path with streaming.

To other resounding titles like Dickinson, Ted Lasso or Acapulcothey are added Severance, this tremendous thriller directed by the great Ben Stiller. Far from the humor that characterizes most of Stiller’s films, in this case it is a kind of dystopian future, where a company called Lumon Industries has created a chip that implants its employees so that when they are at work they forget everything they experienced outsidein such a way that they perform better in it.