Royal Society vs. Barcelona – Match Report – April 21, 2022

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco, correspondent) — Barcelona attacked Anoeta last season, crushing Real Sociedad 1-6… And this Thursday he ended up asking for the time, defending himself as well as he could and thanking so much for the poor aim of Soerloth as well as the exuberance of Ter Stegen, the true savior of a minimum victory resolved 10 minutes into the match by Aubameyang.

The least recognizable Xavi team in memory took a step forward in their fight for second place in the league. He spent the first ten minutes largely dominated by Real and on his first arrival in Remiro’s area he found a goal from Aubameyang, who finished off Ferran’s parabolic assist with a header, after a magnificent recovery and cross from Gavi following the shot to Dembélé’s stick.

The Gabonese international’s goal morally affected Imanol Alguacil’s footballers, who found themselves down on the scoreboard almost without realizing it and lost their insistence, hampered by an improvement in Barça’s combination, which knew how to gain control of the game until the break, warning both Frenkie de Jong and Dembélé before, touching the break, Isak pardoned the tie in a very clear play… And that was the warning of what awaited the azulgranas after the break.


One of the evils of Barça, denounced by Xavi over and over again and in which his team falls again, again and again, is going out to the field after the rest of the matches, in which it is difficult for him to be seen and he goes through sometimes inexplicable problems. Something that was repeated in Anoeta.

In three minutes Soerloth had two golden chances to equalize and as time went by, Barça dwarfed before the siege of a Real team that collided only with their poor aim or Ter Stegen saving Soerloth another time after Dani Alves , shortly before leaving limping, will show that the years do not pass in vain when it comes to running.

Araújo was no longer on the field either, injured in the knee, and he kept his cool as Barça could against the conviction of a Real team that almost by chance survived Gavi’s resounding failure to sentence the game and wanted to go with everything for an essential draw if he wanted to grow in his hope of reaching the Champions League positions.

Barça trying to slow down the game and Real less and less orderly and sinning with more precipitation, the game headed for an end with little football and a lot of intensity, without Piqué, who also left limping, and his teammates looking for air in any situation, barely aware that the shock was going to last… ten minutes!

They were ten minutes of absolute anxiety, between the desperation of the Basque team and the suffering of the azulgrana, with Gavi also injured and without the possibility of being replaced now, his teammates playing with time as they could until the final limit, celebrating the victory by the importance it had… As much as it was achieved as a small team and far removed from what Barça should be supposed to.