Remember Mindy from ‘Drake & Josh’? She now she is dedicated to music

Going from television to music is not easy and in reality, few artists manage to stand out when that change is made. However, it is quite interesting to realize that some of those figures that we once saw on the small screen have talent when it comes to hanging an instrument…. and the example is in Allison Scagliottithe actress that many will remember for her recurring appearance in Drake & Josh.

And if they don’t remember her by her first name, then maybe they remember her in that series for playing Mindy Crenshaw, the academic rival and eventual girlfriend of Josh Nichols. Well, if you lost track of this girl after that show, then you might be surprised to know that now he fully entered music as a bassist and the truth is, he raffles.

Photo: Instagram.

Allison Scagliotti/Mindy Crenshaw’s TV career

As we said, few stars manage to make the big leap from TV, from youth comedy series, to the music scene. Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande They are perhaps the perfect example of the popstars who took off big in music after having roles in these types of programs. And although they may be the most recognized at the moment, they are not the only ones as such.

There we also have the aforementioned Allison Scagliottiwho here in Mexico and Latin America is well remembered for her role as Mindy Crenshaw in Drake & Josh. Although that character appeared as a recurring character throughout the series, it is fair to say that she endeared herself to the public for that evolution of ‘intellectual bully’ from Josh to his girlfriend in a plot twist pretty cool, to tell the truth.

Remember Mindy from 'Drake & Josh'?  She now she is dedicated to music

Allison as Mindy in ‘Drake & Josh’. Photo: Nickelodeon.

But she wasn’t just featured in that Nickelodeon series when it came to her television career. To her credit, she highlights some main roles in series such as Warehouse 13 Y Stitchersin addition to other recurring roles in Smallville, Bones and TI have Vampire Diaries and else.

Over there, she has also been a director in some series and has even participated in movies and some short films. Allison Scagliotti has quite a journey on the American TV scene to tell the truth… but ifu ‘mere mole’, apparently, is in music and in more recent years has shown it.

Remember Mindy from 'Drake & Josh'?  She now she is dedicated to music

Allison in ‘Warehouse 13’. Photo: SyFy.


Allison’s musical projects in music

Unlike other artists who have gone through the same path from television to music, Allison Scagliotti she decided not to focus on pop music or elevating her image as a singer/performer. The actress studied cinema for a while and as she herself has told in different interviews, decided to study music while filming the third season of Warehouse 13 (where curiously his character was a musician), this when he was 21 years old more or less.

He began his walks after he attended the Monterey Jazz Festival (in California) in 2011 and there, he found a little information about courses and other possibilities. inside the iconic Berklee school. And so, over the years, he got specialized blues guitar certifications, certifications in vocal styles and shortly after, he achieved a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Music Studies in that same school.

The cool thing about it is that while he continued to participate in television series, he gave himself time to enter various musical projects. One of his bands that he was in between 2015 and 2018 was called Nice Enough Peoplee, in which he played the guitar and in which the bassist was himself jerry trainorthe actor who plays Spencer in icarly and “Crazy Steve” in Drake & Josh.

But that has not been the only thing that gets his musical skills going. Now as a solo artist, Allison Scagliotti made room for a project called La Femme Pendu, where he sings (also in French), plays the bass, composes… in short, where he has all the creative freedom. At the moment, she has several EP’s and two studio albums. utter horror Y VAMPYRreleased between 2020 and 2021.

If they’re into alternative rock, a bit of new wave, bluesy vibes and a bit of post-punk, they’ll love their music. And if they give a fly to her Instagram account, they will see her playing lots of great classic rock covers, more modern stuff and even covers of urban and salsa songs. Below we leave you some of what she has done as a composer in music.

Here one of his songs as La Femme Pendu

Check out this bass cover of “By The Way” by Red Hot Chili Peppers that is blowing

And even a great cover of “Llorarás”, Oscar D’ León’s iconic salsa song