Raúl Velasco: This was the day he ridiculed Cristian Castro in “Always on Sunday”

Cristian castro formally began his musical career in 1992 and like any other artist of the time he had to appear in “Always on Sunday” where he quickly became one of Raúl Velasco’s favorite artists, who gave him all his support for the excellent relationship he had with his parents, especially with Veronica Castro, However, This whole situation did not prevent the controversial driver from doing his thing and ending up exhibiting the interpreter of “You will not be able to”so this time we will remember this embarrassing episode.

This unfortunate episode occurred at the end of 1992 in a special program of “Always on Sunday” broadcast from Chile, Cristian Castro was one of several artists who sang for the South American public of Raul Velasco and was presenting the themes of his first album entitled “Agua Nueva”, despite, in addition, his musical participation He was also invited by the controversial driver to a dynamic that consisted of a hypnosis sessionin which his mother, the beautiful actress and host, was also present. Veronica Castro.

The dynamic was led by Tony Camowho was known as “The Master of Suggestion” and on that occasion Raúl Velasco chose Cristian Castro as the guinea pigonce the famous hypnotist took over the mind of the son of Manuel “El Loco” Valdés made him sleep and asked him that when he woke up he had to act like a two-year-old baby whose mom hadn’t given him a bottle.

Before waking him up Raúl Velasco was in charge of delivering a bottle to Verónica Castro so that when the time came she could calm her baby’s crying. When Cristian Castro woke up he started crying like a baby and threw himself into his mother’s arms to get his bottleprovoking the laughter of the driver and the entire public present and in the middle of all this act Tony Kamo decided to wake up the singer, who immediately stood up without knowing how he had gotten to that situation, while Raúl Velasco applauded and laughed out loud.

At the end of the act, Cristian Castro was extremely sorry and did not speak again, while Verónica Castro was somewhat annoyed with Tony Kamo and Raúl Velasco for having exhibited their son in that wayhowever, the controversial driver tried to alleviate the situation by commenting that you could tell that the “happy rooster” liked “lolas” since he was two years oldhowever, at that moment the show ended and they moved on to another section.

According to different testimonies, Verónica Castro’s anger was real with the driver Well, it did not seem to him that his son was ridiculed in “Always on Sunday”, for his part, Cristian Castro quickly forgot this embarrassing episode and in the following years he continued to appear on the emblematic program led by Raúl Velasco, who was an important part in getting his artistic career off the ground.


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