Pedro Infante: the myths and legends surrounding the idol, singer and actor

Pedro Infante: the myths and legends that surround the idol and singer
Pedro Infante: the myths and legends that surround the idol and singer. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Pedro Infante he died April 15, 1957, becoming the legend that, 65 years of death, It still remains in the memory of the population. To the Mexican idol, whose voice fell in love with an entire town, He is surrounded by countless myths related to his death, even questioning whether he actually died in the crash of his C-87 Liberator Express plane after leaving the Mérida airport, Yucatán. And tells you what these are legends.

Myths and legends about Pedro Infante

The main legends that revolve around Pedro Infante have to do with the death of the singer, who was linked to the tragedy with Blanca Estela Pavón. He does more than 60 years, the news of the accident of the actor shocked his loyal fans, who wept for the Mexican idol, who fell in love with his bearing and his voice.

Pedro Infante did not die in the accidentthey say

Although authorities announced that there were no survivors in the plane crash, what silence to the voice of singerthe popular outcry found “irregularities” in the accident. One of them, and more important, is that the actor’s body was completely burned.

Given the high degree of calcination, Infant it was recognized only by Gold bracelets he was wearing and for a medical badge he was wearing, the product of a previous plane crash.

Pedro Infante’s career is overanother myth

In an effort to maintain the hope of Pedro Infante, who, along with other celebrities, has had a tragic death, it is said that the famous “We poor” he did travel in the plane, but he did not die in the mishap; however, the fire disfigured.

With a burned face Peter could not continue with his promising career as an actor and screen heartthrob, leaving tapes to be filmed, so he had to fake his death.

They affirm that Pedro Infante was a victim of sequestrian

The accident, in Mérida, Yucatán, where he had a house, which today is a hotel, with which the death of Pedro Infanteis the origin of many of the legendsone of them affirms that she did not get on the plane that would collapse before even leaving the state.

This legend was fed, a few weeks ago, by a supposed grandson of Pedro, who said that his grandfather was beaten and kidnapped.

“Some arrive in some cars and tell him, from this moment you are no longer Pedro Infante. They brought a person of his complexion and they told him ‘take off the slave’ and they put it on the other person and put him on the plane. They tell him (Pedro Infante) ‘as of this moment you are already legally dead’. They took him with pure blows, he was locked up in many places, like Lecumberri, the Marías Islands”.

Peter’s ghost

Although there are those who affirm that Pedro Infante, who had a funeral attended by crowds, did not die in the accident, others believe that his spirit walks in the recording studios of a record company. Witness of situations, which are not easy to explain, it is Manuel Mijares, who once remembered, with Raúl Velasco, that paranormal things happened when he was recording an album, which, supposedly, are repeated in his house in Mérida.

“Things fell, things moved… A painting fell, a table fell, in a certain way we said, it is the way he is saying, well, I do agree that this record will go ahead”.

Manuel Mijares

The interpreter of “Soldado del amor” recorded in the same studio and with some appliances with whom I used to do it Pedro Infante.

They say it was pfather of many children

Another of the myths that were created around Pedro Infante was the paternity of dozens of men and women who claimed they were descendants of the actor. However, the singer only he recognized a few.

To date, several men and women say grandchildren of the singer

true or not, Pedro Infante left a mark on the entertainment world music, the seventh art and certainly in the public which, generation after generation, remembers him with the songs and movies who made hits.