Magaly Medina plans to follow in the footsteps of Xoana González in Onlyfans: “You are building an empire”

Magaly Medina jokes with Xoana González and says that she will venture into OnlyFans. (Photo: Instagram)

The driver Magaly Medina she was surprised with everything she has been earning and so quickly Xoana Gonzalez thanks to onlyfans. It should be remembered that The Argentine woman is already buying an apartment, she has finished remodeling her house in Argentina and now she is going to build a country house near a lagoon.

When starting a link with Argentina, the TV host did not hesitate to express her impression and made a joking comment. As is known, Xoana is one of the TV figures that has been generating large profits thanks to this platform.


The journalist from Magaly TV La Firme joked with Xoana Gonzalez when you start your interview. Surprised by the earnings of the model, the cheerleader said: I think that when I get off TV I’m going to dedicate myself to OnlyFans “, letting out a big laugh. Immediately, the gaucha showed her emotion and asked for a collaboration for her account.

“So funny”, pointed out the TV host, who did not stop laughing. Having said this comment, Magaly Medina continued with the presentation. “You are building an empire. You have two apartments here, your house in Buenos Aires. Now you are building your country house in front of a lake”described Magaly Medina, who asked her about the figures she has been receiving thanks to this platform.

Magaly Medina gets excited with Xoana González’s win. The driver joked with entering this platform.


Argentina was asked how much her income would be thanks to this platform. However, she preferred not to give details about it for security reasons. “I don’t like to talk about numbers because it exposes our security (…) Thank God since we started, it is something that has increased“, said.

At another time, she was consulted if she had problems fulfilling some requests from her followers. To which González indicated that, on the contrary, they give her many ideas to create new material for her platform.

No, on the contrary, people give us ideas and tell us: “I would like you to do Disney movies, to represent this (movie)” A lot of Disney stuff, recently he played Aladdin and I played Disney princess. Now he is growing his beard to play the castaway and I am going to be the Wilson ball”, he counted between laughs.

(Photo: Instagram/@xoanaoficial)
(Photo: Instagram/@xoanaoficial)


The Argentine model lived in Peru for many years for work reasons. However, she found her biggest source of income in OnlyFans, being by far one of the top earners, because during an interview with Magaly Medina’s show, she said that she even bought her apartment thanks to this activity, in the district of Chorrillos, valued at S/ 250,000. The rest of her profit has been invested in remodeling her house that she has in Argentina.

She even welcomed the other models who have joined this wave, however, she stressed that she is not afraid of competition, since she is sure that the content she provides will not be found elsewhere. It should be noted that she and her husband share pornographic material on this platform.

“If we can live from porn all our lives, I’m happy, it’s the best job in the world, what more do I want than to live from porn all my life”, Argentina expressed on that occasion. Currently the couple lives in the neighboring country.


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