Katia Monge, the Guatemalan at Milan Fashion Week

Katia Monge will present a collection of her own at Milan Fashion Week in September 2022, as one of two selected by the Marangoni Fashion Institute, one of the most important design schools in Europe and the world.

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The Guatemalan spoke with I am502 and revealed how his work came to this important event, which shows the most recent creations of renowned firms.

Katya she moved to Italy to pursue her passion that was born since she was a child, when she made clothes for her dolls.

“I was 4 years old when I tore up an old shirt and with it I made outfits for them like a game, they always said in my house: ‘Katia is going to be a designer,’” she said.

Katia studies at the prestigious Marangoni Fashion institute. (Photo: Katia Monge)

The “National Chamber of Italian Fashion” (National Chamber of Italian Fashion), an organization dedicated to the promotion, coordination of the fashion industry and the training of young Italian designers, chooses one or two of the best students from each institution to present their work on the catwalk and this time it was Katia.

“I was the only Latina to be chosen, I am excited to show more of my country in such a competitive industry,” she explained.

“I was chosen from approximately 100 to 150 graduate students in Marangonialong with another student who will make a collection menswear (men’s clothing) and it’s Italian, I will present womenswear (women’s clothing), it’s a great honor for me,” he added.

Monge prepares his pieces in Guatemala.  (Photo: Wilder Lopez/Soy502)

Monge prepares his pieces in Guatemala. (Photo: Wilder Lopez/Soy502)

Your admission to Marangoni Fashion Institute:

The 21-year-old Guatemalan went to the United States where she studied Fine Arts for a year as a base and at 19 she moved to Italy.

“That first year is essential to enter what I wanted, there I learned about European art and this motivated me to specialize in Italy,” he said.

For monkMarangoni was perfect for learning how to take an idea to something more commercial, “London is experimental and Paris is more fashion (haute couture), my goal is to have a commercial brand and then when my brand takes hold, I want to do more artistic pieces.”

Katia is inspired by what happens to her every day for her pieces.  (Photo: Wilder Lopez/Soy502)

Katia is inspired by what happens to her every day for her pieces. (Photo: Wilder Lopez/Soy502)

About the transition from Guatemala to Italy, Katia commented that she misses the friendliness that characterizes her country, “Everything there is colder and that was what cost me the most.”

His collection in Milan:

His collection spring-summer 2023 is named “My protest” and according to his account, it was inspired by the work of Guatemalan artists such as Regina Jose Galindothe photographer John Brenner and other personalities such as the Swiss-born Argentine artist Vivian SutherResident in Atitlan. His role models have developed important speeches and creative pieces in different disciplines in Guatemala.

Your presentation will consist of 6 outfits (sets) They will include vests, dresses, tailoring elements, skirts and pants, as well as 6 pairs of shoes, a pair of earrings and a hair accessory.

The garment materials are leather, canvas (cotton fabric made by hand on a loom), silk and will even perform a transformation of pieces (shoes) collected from second-hand stores.

“I wanted to give them a second life because it is important to avoid waste, I love to look for treasures and transform them,” he said.

The Guatemalan said that everything is made in Guatemala, from the clothes to the photo shoot and the models that will wear them. “I want to break stereotypes and demonstrate the potential that the country has in different branches,” she argued.

These are some of Katia's sketches.  (Photo: Wilder Lopez/Soy502)

These are some of Katia’s sketches. (Photo: Wilder Lopez/Soy502)

Katya He worked in previous years in the fashion week, but now it is his turn to present his own work.

“I worked for brands like Etro, Emporio Armani, Prada and Marni, the energy that is in fashion week It is a feeling that I cannot describe, I do not know how to explain it, it is a combination of tiredness, adrenaline and emotion, I was very grateful to work there and now it is an honor to represent Guatemala in the competitive world of Italian fashion.

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