Karla Panini laughs and even sells “We hate you Panini” t-shirts

Surely you know what happened to the Mexican comedianKarla Panini, her actions and her decisions in life made Internet users create a lot of memes for her, hoping to perhaps affect her a little, however, she confessed that it makes her laugh.

It was through a video on his channel Youtube where she confessed that in truth she finds it very funny that so many people dedicate their time to creating memes, especially they attribute to her the fact of having stayed with the husband of who was her best friend, carla moonwho by the way also lost his life.

These unfortunate events accumulated one after another and of course the hard-to-create memes about it, some comparing her to famous villains from the television show, as well as other very good ones have actually generated many laughs among the users, but they didn’t expect even Karla to laugh.

They even announced that they are selling t-shirts, americo Heron and Karla Panini appeared posing with some t-shirts what do they say “We hate you Panini”right in the center of a pink heart.

Of course, these actions have generated outrage among users of social networks who cannot believe that he is mocking to this extent, perhaps confirming their suspicions towards her, while she feels like a public figure and tries not to take things so seriously. .


Karla Panini / Instagram

Karla Panini and her husband posted this photo and in the caption, “Who wants one?”

Although they are not so positive, it seems that Karla Panini does not care much, proud to be one of the people with the most memes today.

The reactions began to reach her video and her photo, thousands of people who could not believe what they were seeing, although some others supported her, because as always there is a different point of view than the majority.

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