‘Joserra will always be your father’; García Aspe tore apart André Marín

Today it is accused that the Mexican National Team lacks temperbut that was left over for a Tricolor veteran like Alberto Garcia Aspewhose strong character on the court transferred him to the microphones, being remembered in companies such as Televisa Deportes and Fox Sports, the latter from which he left in 2021, leaving as a memory a tough fight with André Marín.

All this happened during the Russia World Cup 2018, on the day after Mexico’s unforgettable victory against Germany. In the broadcast of The last word, Andre Marin He affirmed that the result had come about because “the players actually put the tactics, not Juan Carlos Osorio”, to whom he did not give any credit, which began to warm up Beto Aspe.

“The players organized the game and the players carried out the most important victory in the history of the Mexican National Team,” said the journalist, who would finish off the comment throwing Garcia Aspe in the face: “You couldn’t do it, your generation didn’t do it, you lost against Germany in a World Cup and these guys did winThey are better than you.”

As expected, the former Pumas, Necaxa and América player -among others- responded harshly, but no one imagined that interfered with the journalistic career of André Marínto which described as “little thing” in his more than three decades in the media.

“You say a lot of stupid things, You haven’t done anything in your life or in your career either, you’re the son of the one across the street (José Ramón Fernández)is the only thing you have (…) You only say stupid things, you are a poor nefarious “, García Aspe told Marínwho did not notice or ignored the reference to Joserra while shouting into the air that the 2018 Mexican National Team was the best of all time.

‘Obsessive and controlling’; this is how they define André Marín

It seems that character who appears on screen every night on Fox Sports the person called André Marín has been “devoured”at least that is what the famous influencer Alex Montiel (The Golden Scorpion) He shared with his followers remembering his beginnings on TV Azteca, a company where he coincided with the sports commentator.

“With Andre Marin the truth is that I rarely lived together, he is a controversial character and I suppose that having him as a partner is even more difficultAt least from what I’ve heard from the people who worked with him at TV Azteca and those who are currently at Fox Sports. I don’t know if behind the scenes they are already super comrades, but on camera you can see that they don’t like them so much,” said Montiel, who recalled that Marín one day went to claim him for wearing something allusive to Americathis despite the fact that he was not his boss and not even a partner in the area.

I don’t know where but André Marín appearedI guess he kept looking at me inside Azteca because of what he brought from America. Marín went to the truck to tell me: ‘If the boss sees you, he’s going to be pissed off, take that off, you don’t know what you’re going to get into.’. The strange thing is that it wasn’t his production and he wasn’t my boss, I could have given him a thousand explanations, but why, if it wasn’t mine at all. That let me see an obsessive and controlling guyyou understand with that some of the comments about Marín from other people, “he added about his story, which you can read in full here.