Interesting news coming in iOS 16

On June 6, we were able to virtually attend Apple’s WWDC event where we were able to see all the news available for Apple products, such as the arrival of iOS 16. Today we will see all the interesting news that will come soon to the iPhone 8 onwards.

iOS 16 will arrive loaded with news for the new and current iPhone. One of the biggest news is the new lock screen style with more features, more widgets and fully customizable. Here are the most interesting news that will arrive with the iPhone 14.

iOS 16: news, compatibility, dates and beta

Customizable lock screen

iOS 16 will surprise with a new lock screenPossibly the iPhone lock screen has been one of the aspects that has been least updated over the years, and finally 2022 has been the year chosen for this to change.

In the new lock screen you can change the color of the screen backgroundyou can create a depth effect to create a 3D photo, we can customize the time, the style of the text and the color and format.

they arrive new widgets to the lock screen, this way this screen will never be empty. We will be able to have a gallery of different backgrounds and customize it completely, although this has been around on Android for years, but Apple has decided to bring it as a novelty.

Goodbye to CAPTCHAs or confirmation codes

iOS 16 never ceases to amaze and now it is possible to bring an automatic verification of the well-known CAPTCHAs or human verification codes. These codes have the days numbered with iOS 16. This feature will also come to macOS Ventura and other systems.

The verification of these CAPTCHAs will be done through iCloud, so they will disappear for iOS 16 users. This setting can be disabled from the iPhone’s own settings. It is certainly a very comfortable function which will allow users to save a lot of time and headaches with these codes.

iMessage arrives as an alternative to WhatsApp

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There are hundreds of thousands of users who communicate daily via iMessage. The American population has almost more than 130 million Apple usersTherefore, the best way to communicate is through iMessage or at least the fastest, since it comes pre-installed on all iPhones.

In iOS 16 iMessage arrives with many functions that will cause the envy of WhatsApp. This function will be, power edit messages once you’ve sent them. Something that was already possible in Telegram since 2016. We will be able to edit the message within 15 minutes after sending it.

iMessage goes a step further in the way of sharing “stuff” with other users, we can watch movies and videos with our iMessage contactsas we can also share Safari tabs.

Neural Engine comes to Apple’s dictum

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Surely more than once you have had to dictate to your iPhone to be able to write a message, well, with the arrival of Neural Engine dictation will become a game. It will be much easier to talk to our iPhone than to write a message.

Furthermore, with the new dictation and thanks to Neural Engine we can directly add emojis to the messages that we dictate in iMessage, without a doubt something totally revolutionary that will allow a much faster and more fluid communication between users.

Apple Wallet and Apple Pay with many improvements

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After seeing the arrival of the new Samsung Wallet, with iOS 16 a new way to use will come Apple Wallet and Apple Pay. Now we can add door keys to a hotel reservation that work with NFC.

Tap to Pay will allow iPhones with iOS 16 to accept NFC payments, now the new iPhone will be like a dataphone, you can pay with any credit or debit card. Apple Pay Later also arrives, a new way to build loyalty with Apple payments, this way you can pay little by little with your iPhone.

  1. Download iOS 16 Preview Beta (Developers)


These are for the moment tAll the interesting news that will come to iOS 16 with the new iPhone 14, one of the most anticipated phones of the year. We will still have to wait until September for all users of an iPhone 8 or higher to enjoy iOS 16.