How to avoid series and movie spoilers

The best trick to avoid seeing spoilers is not to connect to any social network, try to open the Internet as little as possible… But it’s not always easy and you may have to access Twitter for work, open your RSS reader… in those cases, there is a series of tricks or advice that we can follow so that this does not happen.

Basic tips to avoid spoilers

There are a series of basic measures that we can follow to avoid spoilers and they are obvious, but beware of RSS readers or beware of Google if we use the Discover function since it can show us content that spoils that long-awaited ending to the series or movie that you whip

Beware of Google Discover

If you don’t want topics to appear in Discover on Google, we can remove them. We can see the interests and what we are “following” in this tool of the Google app. We simply have to eliminate the contents in the previous days: we can delete specific topics or ask that the news never come out of a website or medium in question. So they will not appear when we run “danger” of seeing a spoiler through this application.

Simply go to the different cards in the app and tap on the bottom right corner of one of them to access the settings. Here we will see the following options:

  • I’m not interested in this
  • I am not interested in “X theme”
  • Don’t show X content
  • Manage channels and interests
  • report this
  • Post comments

Choose any of the first three options and we will eliminate the contents related to that topic or that medium, depending on what you want to eliminate or what you want to hide, as you see in the image.

Avoid RSS

If you use RSS or tools like Feedly, it is better that you do not use them for a while because there are many media that are going to show you, in a headline, what has happened or why it has happened. Many film and television reviews usually appear at the time that film or series is broadcast, so it is best that we avoid entering specialized media or general media with sections of culture or television, for example.

Although you do not enter expressly, it is possible that from Feedly you can see some analysis whose headline tells us openly what has happened. Especially in American media that access the different broadcasts before us.

Mute words and comments on social media

One way to avoid spoilers is to silence words on social networks from all the people who have already seen a movie or series and want to comment on it. In this case, we can mute for a while so we don’t see what they say. Although the best way to avoid it is not to connect to the Internet until you see that series or movie, we can always do it by taking a series of previous measures.

Mute on Twitter

The main place where we are going to see spoilers of all kinds is on Twitter, where users are going to comment on series and movies continuously. In these cases, the best we can do is silence specific terms to prevent them from appearing on the timeline. This way we will be able to skip these spoilers of a specific movie, of the end of an expected series. In addition, you can mute the words forever but also for 24 hours, a week or a month and it will automatically unmute when you have already seen it.

  • Opens in your computer browser
  • Go to your profile picture at the top right
  • Click on the “Settings and privacy” option
  • Once in the settings, look for “Muted words”
  • Choose the “Add” option on the blue button
  • Write the word you want, the phrase, the user or the hashtag
  • Choose from the available options:
    • start timeline
    • Notifications (From anyone / From people you follow)
  • Choose how long you want to silence it
    • Forever
    • 24 hours
    • 7 days
    • 30 days

We can add here all the words that interest us so that we do not appear in no tweet not in mentions. For example, if you want to avoid spoilers for the latest Marvel movie, the latest Matrix movie, etc.


On Instagram

If you also see that there are people on Instagram who make spoilers of any movie, we can avoid it by silencing the different words. It is a tool designed to block offensive comments, but we can hide the people who leave us comments, etc. in all the publications. Of course, we cannot avoid seeing the story of someone who makes a spoiler unless we do not enter the application, but we can put filters on the interactions.

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone
  • Tap on your photo to open the menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Privacy and go to the Interactions section
  • Tap on Comments
  • You will see three options
    • block comments from
    • hide offensive comments
    • manual filter

In manual filter we have to add all the words that we want to silence or the different phrases. We will be able to separate words by commas and the application will automatically hide the comments that have the words or phrases that you choose. if someone tells you who dies at the end of the movie, will not appear. Of course, you cannot avoid spoilers in case the person does not mention any of those words because the comment will appear.


Apps to avoid spoilers

The best option to control all media and applications and social networks is to use applications to avoid spoilers. Apps that block content the moment something related to the series or movie appears. For example, popularized to avoid spoilers from the end of Game of Thrones. What it does is cover with a colored square all the texts or images that have a keyword related to what interests you.

What we do with Spoilers Blocked, the most popular app for this purpose, is give you accessibility permissions that allow you to see everything that happens on your mobile phone or in the applications that you grant. It is not the best option if we want maximum privacy and security, but it will help us avoid spoilers.


We download it and choose the words we want to silence or monitor. For example, the name of the series or the set of words related to it (Leia, Han Solo, Mandalorian, Baby Yoda…) Once we have the words or groups of them, we must choose the applications in which we want them to appear. protection is applied. It can be on Facebook, on Twitter, in the browser…

The application not available on the Google Play Store for Android but we can download it from alternative app stores like Uptodown for example.