“Happy return to the Sun”: the video with which Luis Miguel celebrated his birthday

Luis Miguel uploaded a video on his birthday

This April 19 Luis Miguel turns 52 and, although the singer is not usually very active on social networks, he surprised his most ardent followers with a captivating video which stunned netizens.

It was from your account TikTok where the interpreter of songs like The unconditional, now you can go either I have everything except you reappeared as gallant as he has always been remembered and only it took 11 seconds to cause gasps.

In the audiovisual you can see a series of images of louis miguelhe, in most of them the artist is seen wearing a white tuxedo, combined with black pants and a bow tie. Also in other photographs he wears a suit monochromatic black and in one more is with a more beach outfit.

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and filled the comment box with congratulations and compliments for the singer.

Happy Return to the Sun... all the best in the world for you…. thanks for everything”. “I love you Luismi for you I want to high school.” “May the birthday boy kiss me”. “Happy birthday to the best singer in Mexico. We love you, King”, are some of the mentions that appeared on this social network.

Photo: Instagram/@lmxlm
Photo: Instagram/@lmxlm

Also, users of Twitter They were not far behind and shared some memes that expressed the happiness of honoring Luis Miguel’s birthday.

“April 19, international day to put Luis Miguel at full volume.” “Don’t make up teacher, like there are classes on Tuesday if it’s Luis Miguel’s birthday”. “National holiday. Today is the birthday of Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, the owner of our karaoke bars, pedas, lovesickness and hearts. Happy 52nd Sole Mío!” netizens wrote.

Luis Miguel birthday (Photo: Twitter)
Luis Miguel birthday (Photo: Twitter)

Some fans of the singer guilty or not They shared some memorable moments they have had in honor of the singer.

My mother-in-law is such a fan of Luis Miguel that she tried to get all her children born on her birthday until she succeeded. I love you so much Ana that is the level of determination I need in my life”, wrote @Euugea_,

While another Internet user posted: “When I was a teenager, going to see Luis Miguel was the most brave experience of my life. Go to the field of Vélez and we sang They play the whistles they play the drums, we are from Luismi and we make quilombo. Yeah, embarrassing, but okay.”

So far neither Alejandro Basteri, brother of the SunNeither Michelle Salas, the singer’s daughter, have congratulated their relative.

Luis Miguel in one of his last shows (Photo: @lmxlm)
Luis Miguel in one of his last shows (Photo: @lmxlm)

And it is that, a few years ago, Luis Miguel launched his biographical series on Netflix, where he told how he initially denied his paternity but later accepted it and tried to establish a bond with her daughter when she was around 10 years old.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago the name of Luis Miguel resonated again, because Silvia Pinal remembered the interpreter and also invited him to his next play.

Even though he doesn’t want it [Luis Miguel], I do love him, he is a very talented boyit is a great value that in the countries I have traveled it is a pleasure to see how people love it, how they pamper it and how they make it afloat […] he is a very talented boy, he is handsome, he is nice, he is young, rich, he has everything”, He commented with his sense of humor before the cameras of Today.


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