Get to know the villa that Chespirito built in honor of Doña Florinda, with a movie theater and a private yacht port! PHOTOS

the series of television for children and adults, The Chavo of 8managed to position itself as one of the favorites not only in Mexico but around the world.

“El chavo del 8”, created by Roberto Gomez Bolanoswas a Mexican program on the television station Televisa, and it was during the 1970s when this series managed to be at the top, with an audience not only in our countrybut also in Central America and even Europe.

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“El chavo del 8” and its iconic characters

Let us remember that the characters of “El chavo del 8” were very loved by the audiencethis especially because each character within the neighborhood had certain characteristics with which the public eventually identified, since each member of the production was easyoriginal and very human.

Characters that made up the series “El chavo del 8”. Photo: Special

Chespirito behind “El chavo del 8”

We know that behind this successful productionis its creator Roberto Gómez was an actor, comedianplaywright, writer, screenwriter, composer, director and television producer Mexican; His greatest and most recognized creations were “El Chavo del Ocho” and “El chapulín Colorado”.

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Under this scenario, it is worth to remember that Roberto Gómez Bolaños gave life to great characters on Mexican television, which allowed him to make a huge fortune and a luxurious house that he shared with whoever was the great love of their life, Florinda Mesa.

“Villa Florinda”, the luxurious mansion of Chespirito

It is a luxurious Mansion known as Villa Florinda, which would have been characterized by having huge spaces full of luxury and comfort, which is found in Quintana Roo.

It is known that the famous actor and comedian who gave life to the boy who lived in the barrel within the neighborhood, he spent some of his last days in this comfortable and Elegant house, which had large gardens7 large rooms, a large cinema room and a comfortable private port for yachts.

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Villa Florinda stood out for being a style mansion neoclassic Hispanic Mexican, is located in the most exclusive area of ​​Cancun, which has a beautiful view, with excellent areas for common use, such as the unique Club House in its style; In addition, it has a pool, court Tennis and Paddle, jacuzzi, gym and spa.

It is known that the famous built the famous Villa Florinda to his liking and at the level of the seathis according to the Unión Cancún site, thus becoming the most important tenant within the luxurious Isla Dorada complex.

Chespirito and Florinda Meza in their mansion in Cancun. Photo: Bhhscancun

The private yacht harbor at “Villa Florinda”. Photo: Bhhscancun

It has a Hispanic neoclassical design. Photo: Bhhscancun

Villa Florinda has large swimming pools. Photo: Bhhscancun



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