Galilea Montijo says Las Netas Pure toxic relationships?


Galilea Montijo was honest in one of his first appearances in the program Divine Net when addressing the issue of “toxic relationships”, the “tapatiaHe ended up confessing very personal aspects of his love past.

The “TV presenter“, Galilea Montijo, opened her heart in the middle of the popular Unicable program in which she shares credits with Daniela Mahagún, Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval and Natalia Téllez, who once again addressed one of the issues that led to a strong controversy.

In the midst of the various experiences that were poured into the talk, one of those that caused a great surprise was the “host of Hoy”, who ended up confessing: “All my relationships have been toxic”, pointed out Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, this after both Consuelo and Natalia Téllez would have shared their experiences with their partners, and Tellez with his father, he revealed.

It was at a time when the voice of The Net“Angela” appeared in the middle of the conversation and went to Galilea Montijo To whom, in addition to welcoming, he first questioned about the subject, trying to discover the “net plus 1nt! most” he pointed out.

So at the beginning of the round of questions, he addressed the remembered cheerleader of “tv life” and “Little Giants”:

Galilea What is the most toxic thing you have done in a relationship?”, to which the “businesswoman” after reflecting for a few seconds replied “Continue in those toxic relationships,” he remarked.

The “H model men“, who has been considered one of the “best paid figures of Televisa”, explained the reasons that led her at that time to believe that they were the right thing.

“Most of them have been very toxic because you allow them, you like them, you don’t want to be alone. Already married, yes, we have our discussions, but I realized that it does give me a lot of hu3va p3l3ar; yes, I answer because the neighborhood goes up, until that you realize: ‘Where am I going to get in the discussion? To nothing’, yes I’m getting old, it already gives me a lot of eggs, added Galilea Montijo “.

Likewise, the todaywife of Fernando Reina Iglesias“He relived some episodes about his life and the separation from his parents, so he came to have a wrong idea of ​​what the affective bonds should be, he hinted.

Do you realize, I mean, why did I allow such a toxic relationship? Of course, I never saw a “mom” or a “dad”, how they get along at home, and where I got to see arguments and disrespect, well I thought that’s how they were.

However, at the beginning of her career, the “former beauty participant” felt very fearful, her arrival in a new place made her fear being alone, she said.

I was afraid to be alone, because I came here when I was 18, 19 years old, after winning a beauty contest in 1993, then I came alone to a city where I had no friends, I didn’t know anyone, I was afraid to be alone, he underlined the TV actress.

The histrionic born on June 5, 1973, who appeared in productions such as “El Premio Mayor”, “Until money do us part”, among others, started with everything in the broadcast where she shared her feelings when joining this team.

Very happy, very happy, very cheerful, very rosy. This, being my first show, I want to become like your audience. It is the first, one like learning, Martha Galilea commented at the beginning of the broadcast after the big group hug as a welcome from her new companions.

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