Child actor of the Cine de Oro triumphed as a comedian between files, albures and “Neighbors”

Polo Ortin He is remembered for his emblematic role as “Don Roque” in the famous comic series “Neighbours” and possibly some other generations have identified him by his participation in the films of the Files CinemaHowever, very few know that He started his career as a child in the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, so this time we will remember some of the most important moments of his career and we will also tell you some facts about his personal life that you may not have known.

Leopoldo Javier Ortin is the full name of the actor, he was born on April 16, 1928 in Taxco, Guerrero and was always immersed in the entertainment world because his father was the renowned actor Leopoldo “El Chato” Ortín who was in charge of starting him in acting when he was just a child.

Polo Ortín and his father “El Chato” Ortín” in “Regalo de Reyes”. Photo: Special

The first movie I participated inor Polo Ortin It was “Damn the women” (1936), at that time he was just seven years old and although he was not the protagonist he proved to have inherited all the talent of his father and because of thatin the following years he continued to be required to participate in other productions in which it could have had greater protagonism.

During the 1940s Polo Ortín had few participations on the big screen because he was focused on continuing his academic and artistic training, however, It was in the final stretch of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema that he dedicated himself fully to cinema participating in a large number of films of all kinds of genres for which he positioned himself as one of the most recognized actors of the moment.

Polo Ortín had a great activity in the last stage of the Golden Cinema. Photo: Special

It is worth mentioning that during this time, he also started as a voice actor and managed to be one of the most important personalities in this field as he lent his voice to an innumerable number of productions.

The decades of 1960, 1970 and 1980 were extremely busy for Polo Ortín So he had a presence in the cinema, in soap operas, in the theater and as a dubbing actor. As for his participation in the Files Cinema, he was one of the actors who saw the birth, growth and disappearance of this genre in which he participated in dozens of films alongside the greatest figures of the moment.

Polo Ortín also stood out in different comedy programs. Photo: Special

For the 1990sPolo Ortin began to feel the ravages of age, however, found a way to stay current Well, he performed different roles according to his age, however, he never left dubbing because he continued to lend his voice to a large number of films.

In 2005 the opportunity came for him to join the cast of “Neighbors” and this series gave his career a new impetus thanks to his emblematic character of “Don Roque”. Polo Ortín was only in the first three seasons of this successful series, however, he managed to leave a deep mark on the followers of this production.

“Don Roque” is his best-known character among the new generations. Photo: Special

Polo Ortín remained active until practically the end of his lifewhich ended in August 2016 due to a heart attack, was 88 years old and his last wish was to be cremated so that his ashes rest in the Panteón Jardín in Mexico City.

As for his personal life, Polo Ortín was married onceHis wife went Olga Rinzo with whom he only had one son, also an actor and producer, George Ortin.


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