Call for clothing designers to participate in the training “Incubator-Active Design”

This training cycle emerges as an instance of reflection and updating of the creative languages ​​associated with clothing and the like, promoting innovation based on shared cultural and productive traits at the local level, collaborating in the generation of differentiated products through the strategies and tools provided by the discipline of design.

Entrepreneurs who produce design of: author clothing, textile design, furniture and objects can participate. The program is intended for people residing in Chaco who are willing to attend all the training and/or assistance meetings.

Activa Diseño is the program for strengthening local author design enterprises through multiple ways: training, workshops, incubators, technical assistance, advice, samples, exhibitions, fairs and spaces for marketing and opening new markets, among other actions.


Those interested should send an email to with the following information: Name and surname, DNI, address, location, instance in which their enterprise is located (formation or consolidation), brief review of their work and search around to the design of: designer clothing, textile design, furniture and objects (if you are an entrepreneur, describe the type of work you do); You must also attach at least five photos of your productions and links. 20 projects will be selected, which will be informed by email.


The strategic: Design entrepreneurship as a differential business.

To be entrepreneur. New labor paradigm. Business attitude. Design as a competitive business. Communication and identity. The product as a silent communicator. The product and its exhibition environment. Interface between the designer, the product and the user. Design Map.

The project: Collection development.

Conceptualization of an identity. Development of a concept. Guiding idea. Creative process (Analytical/creative/executive phase). Visual communication techniques. Design elements. Operating resources. conforming aspects. Axes of action. Assembly and collection analysis. Collection plan. Items. Expansion and diversification of items. Compensation strategies and distribution of product lines.

The projectual: Creative languages ​​and design tools.

Conceptualization of an identity. Identity. Cultural attache. Design language. Design stamp. Insertion of author design in the local market. Local resources. Collection plan. Items. Expansion and diversification of items. Compensation Strategies and Collection Tabulation (distribution of product lines)

The productive: Lowering of concept to product.

Insertion of author design in the market. Collection plan. Items. Expansion and diversification of items. Compensation strategies and distribution of product lines. Records of what was produced. The product as a silent seller. Labels. Tackle.

The commercial: Marketing strategies.

marketing today. Market research. Positioning strategy. Identification of our user. Product: product levels, functions, product life cycle. Pricing strategies. Concept and brand management. Distribution channels. Point of sale marketing. Visual merchandising. Integrated communications. E-marketing applied to fashion.


It is a group of expert professionals from the Institute of Industrial Technology: Carolina Cenzano (coord.), Eliana Rojas and Axel Aguirre

Carolina Cenzano

Clothing and textile designer graduated from Fadu/UBA and mentor of the LCDQ AOP program for Chaco. Professor, assistant and thesis coordinator at the Jorge Moragues Chair (UBA). She is an expert consultant, coordinator of the collection of the Chacú brand (clothing and textiles) of Prointex (Ministry of Industry, Employment and Labor of Chaco) until 2013. She has extensive experience in Design and Production for third parties. Since 2003 she has been coordinator of work groups (art and design) of the Moragues chair. She did consultancy work for the development of textile products; development and production of stage costumes and advanced training in design. Consultant of the European Union for the textile sector of the NEA, Coordinator of the author design incubators in different provinces of the NEA by INTI. Responsible for the Design sector in textiles and leather of INTI Chaco. Design teacher at the University of Cuenca del Plata. Consultant for the design export group “Gencreative nea” in design management, quality, productivity and brand communication.

Eliana Rojas

Interior designer, Missionary, specialist and supervisor in INTI management technologies, she works technically assisting companies in all productive areas, Marketing, human and administrative resources, together with the INTI team. She attended UNAM in the Clothing and Textile design modules carried out by INTI at that university.

Axel Aguirre

Industrial designer, from Corrientes, works at INTI in the area of ​​industrial processes, assisting companies in standardizing their industrial processes and improving their innovation developments.