“Belinda fell in love with Lupillo Rivera”, ex-partner uncovers it

Belinda and Lupillo Rivera They would maintain a romance that although the native of Spain would always deny, Mayeli Alonso, who was married to the interpreter, points out that there were even tears on her part!

The wife of Lupillo Rivera shared details about the “relationship” between the singerBelinda and the so-called “Bull of the Corrido”, for whom he supposedly assures, the “television actress” dedicated a few tears to Rivera.

In the midst of the strong controversies that have surrounded the recent breakup of the interpreter of “Ángel” and “Bella treason”, Belinda with Christian Noda, this has given rise to the details of his past relationships.

Recently, the “ex-wife of Lupillo”, would speak openly about the details of this notorious and fleeting “romance”, which would arise in the midst of the past participation of both as judges in the singing reality show, “Mexico’s voice”: “I even cried for her, she cried for her,” she argued at one point.

In the middle of the second season of “The House of the Famous”, Strong statements by some of its current members came to light, including Mayeli Alonso, who was honest with her colleagues at a meeting they held in the kitchen.

The “ex of Lupillo” would be questioned about whether he met the “businesswoman”, “model”, “pianist”, etc., Belinda Peregrín Schüll, as well as the details of what would exist between the “songwriter” and the interpreter of “Despreciado”.

So at one point in the middle of the reality show, Rivera’s former sentimental partner decided to share details of their marriage in the heat of the stove, such as the great controversy that surrounded the “originally from Madrid” and her ex-husband, as described promptly .

She went to the house, I met her and everything… I even cried for her, she cried for her, said Mayeli, after assuring that the children in common with the famous man would also have gotten to know each other.

After this, Niurka sought to delve even deeper, so she questioned her about the reasons why the “naturalized mexican” would have ended with the brother of Jenni Rivera.

To which the member of the reality show referred that “it was very possible that it was his fault, since he is usually conflictive in his relationships,” she pointed out: “The story ended… he was living the moment.”

It should be remembered that the famous 50-year-old would have tattooed the face of today’s actress of “welcome to eden” Belinda Peregrín Schüll, 32, in one of his arms.

However, Mayeli said that it was not the first time that he also “Belinda’s ex”, did it even happened shortly after their separation.

This, after Mayeli assured, whoever was her spouse, would have been with a friend of hers after her divorce who at some point also had it tattooed.

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