Ángela Aguilar, after putting land in between, reveals a break with Gussy: left and single

After that in our TV Tuesday Notes we will tell you that Angela Aguilar made a trip to Europe with her family to get away from the scandal after intimate photos were leaked that she sent to her boyfriend Gussy Lau, who is 15 years older than her, the singer surprised by giving a message on stage.

In the 1315 edition of TV Notas we informed you that the Aguilar family returned to Mexico to perform in Aguascalientes and, for her part, 18-year-old Ángela performed in Zacatecas and He left his fans speechless by revealing that his relationship with the composer Gussy Lau has already ended.

Although she had no contact with the press on Sunday and it is even known that she entered the venue through a special access from a nearby street so as not to be captured by the cameras, the young singer said on stage, “My album is called ‘Mexicana Enamorada’, all the songs are sad, it should be called something like: ‘Mexicana, sad and alone’ or ‘Mexicana, left and single… something like that”.

This was the moment:

Likewise, Ángela dedicated her presentation to ‘las lloronas’, referring to the song ‘Llorona’, performed by Chavela Vargas, “I was nominated for an American Grammy and I lost that one too. This song is dedicated to all the crybabycommented.

In addition, a few days ago, José Manuel Figueroa also hinted that the couple had already ended, because he wanted love to triumph and said how much he admires Gussy as a composer, I hope love triumphsIn the end, that’s the reality. I loved it, it made me a different couple. I already knew, I had already found out, among composers we are very gossipy… you are the only songwriter i currently envyyou are a great composer, and This should help you, brother, so you can compose more cool songs, better songs, much better, I love you, I send you a hug… I believe that the day she falls in love madly and they break his heart, he’s going to sing spectacularly, that woman is going to sing beautifully, is she going to sing divine, is she already a woman or is she still a minor?, that woman is going to sing beautifully, when that woman learns to sing of pain“, mentioned.

Ángela Aguilar says she is: left and single

Let us remember that the scandal began when a photograph of Ángela and the composer was leaked where they are seen very close together and he brushed his tongue with the singer’s lips, so later, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter broke the silence in a video where she said she felt “defrauded and violated”, “I feel sad, disappointed, I can’t believe I’m making this video; my soul hurts. Some photos have been circulating with which I have not agreed that they should come out. I feel violated, I feel violated of the possibility of me having my own privacy, of being able to decide about my life, my body, my image”, he mentioned.

After this, we told you on TV Notes that Pepe Aguilar wanted to protect his daughter, after she confessed to him that there were intimate images that she had sent to her partner, for which the singer claimed Gussy and ran him out of the company , so now the family could resort to the olympia law to defend Angela.

Ángela Aguilar says she is: left and single