Ana Bertha Espín, very difficult to record the goodbye of ‘Benito’ in Neighbors

It was in the month of October 2021 that the public of the program “Neighbours” was shocked to learn that Octavio Ocaña, the actor who gave life to the endearing character in his childhood “Benedict”, lost his life in an unexpected way. Also, the news impacted her castmates, so the “mom” of “Benedict” had to face saying ‘goodbye’ in the new broadcast of the program.

The actress Ana Bertha Espinis the one who gives life to the mother of the then little “Benito” and now that the series has returned to the small screen, she confessed how difficult it was for her to record the scene in which she says goodbye to her “son” in “Neighbors” .

According to the actress, that moment of saying goodbye to the character, not only meant for her to accept that “Benito” will no longer be on the show, but also meant saying goodbye to the actor, to the human being and accepting what happened.

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Ana Bertha Espín, very difficult to record the goodbye of 'Benito' in Neighbors

Ana Bertha Espín, very difficult to record the goodbye of ‘Benito’ in Vecinos. Photo: Facebook.

“Neighbors” reappeared on the screens of Mexican homes, and for this reason, the absence of this character had to be justified in the series, since without a doubt, that boy marked the program. So this new season began with a chapter, in which the entire cast said goodbye to “Benito”, a character who was endearing, because he won the affection of the public thanks to his charisma, occurrences and his talent for acting and doing comedy.

Ana Bertha Espín declared in a recent interview that the day she came to record the scene, not seeing Octavio Ocaña again was a hard blow. However, the recording was carried out, since it was essential to give him a farewell, as he deserved.

He was part of our family, we spent more time with him and the most difficult thing was the first day, returning to our ‘house’ to record and knowing that he was no longer there, it was very difficult; but we had the need to give him a worthy farewell, so our producer who is in everything came up with the idea of ​​making this program, “she revealed, the actress.

A farewell that marked all those present, according to the actress, since it was a moment in which each of them had the opportunity to express their feelings and send a message to heaven with their hearts in their hands.

It was a farewell as there could be no other, and somehow we all said goodbye to him as ourselves, we told him what we felt, to fly high, to go to heaven and achieve his dreams, “he added.

In accordance with Ana Bertha Espinone of the surprises that there will be in this new season of “Neighbors” is that the sisters of actor Octavio Ocaña will have a special participation in it, since it has already been recorded.

They are supposed to be the premiums of “Benedict“, they made a very nice participation, they are also very professional, they arrived with memory paper, with their perfectly studied texts and they did some very nice things, they were in the middle and they left, they got married, but right now Elías wanted to bring them and they do Benito’s cousins, this is a very nice program, “the actress shared.

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