Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting her with a bottle in defamation trial

Amber Heard has made explosive new accusations against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, during opening arguments in his $50 million libel trial.

Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, claimed that Depp sexually assaulted the actress with a bottle of liquor while she was unconscious from drinking too much.

Depp was visibly skeptical as Bredehoft accused him, shaking his head after his comments.

This is the first time Heard has made these accusations in public.

Depp is suing Heard for defamation stemming from an opinion piece the actress wrote for Washington Postin which he accused him of being abusive.

The couple was only married for a year in 2015 after meeting on the set of The Rum Diary.

The actor’s lawyers Pirates of the Caribbean they seek to prove that Heard is a “compulsive liar” and a “deeply disturbed person” who tried to use a “false” history of domestic abuse to further her Hollywood career.

“The only medical report of an injury during their relationship was a very serious one sustained by Mr. Depp following an argument shortly after their marriage, while the couple was in Australia,” Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, told the court. She “threw a bottle of vodka at him which hit him in the hand and exploded, severing the tip of one of his fingers.”

Heard’s lawyers maintain that Depp cut his own finger while drunk.

Vasquez responded to the sexual assault allegations by saying Heard made them up to bolster her argument when she realized she would have to defend her claims in court.

“Mrs Heard had never made that allegation against Mr Depp, it was never part of his abuse allegations in 2016. So what changed? When she realized the seriousness of what she alleged [sobre ser víctima de abuso doméstico], panicked and alleged sexual assault,” he told the jury. “In Mr. Depp’s 58 years, not a single woman has accused him of violence, and no one in Hollywood or the world had reason to believe he was an abuser, until Heard publicly accused him.”

Depp argues that Heard’s accusations destroyed his career. The actress’s lawyers assured that her career was already in decline, largely due to her alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

A Depp spokesman reached out to The Independent to respond to complaints.

“These fictitious claims were never made at the start of Amber’s allegations in 2016, and only came to fruition years later once she was sued for defamation after claiming in her op-ed that she was a victim of ‘sexual violence.’ Words are key in a defamation case and, conveniently, this accusation came only after that. This follows a pattern of her elaborate and erroneous claims, which have continued to change and evolve over time for the purpose of impacting Hollywood, something that Amber has mastered and used to exploit a serious social movement,” a Depp spokesperson said. a statement.

After a break for lunch, Christi Dembrowski, Depp’s older sister and president of his production company, took the stage.

She recounted the early years of her and her brother’s lives, recalling the abuse she and Depp suffered at the hands of their mother, whom she described as “angry” and “uptight”. She said that her mother beat her and her father, and insulted them. She claimed that the woman called Depp “one-eyed” because as a child she used a patch to correct her crossed eye.

He then talked about his relationship with Heard, recalling his first encounters with her on the production of The Rum Diary. Dembrowski described the actress as “aloof” but said that in other interactions she was “friendly.”

Depp’s sister said she became aware of the unusual number of fights between the actors during their brief marriage. She added that in Depp’s previous marriage to Vanessa Paradis, the couple rarely fought throughout their 14-year relationship.

Dembrowski also claimed that Heard frequently insulted Depp, recalling a time the actor met with Dior to discuss a partnership.

“The reaction [de Heard] That was why she was incredulous and somewhat upset, and she said ‘Dior? Why would Dior want to do business with you? It’s about class and style and you don’t have style.’ It was kind of an insult to take that moment away from him, that insult was there,” Dembrowski said. “I’ve seen the insults, many times, actually. She called him ‘fat old man’. I think he heard her call him that.”

Later, after speaking about his mother’s death, Dembrowski mentioned that he was “disgusted” to learn that Heard filed for divorce just three days after the woman passed away.

During cross-examination, Heard’s defense team questioned Dembrowski about his personal reliance on his brother’s career, suggesting that he might have a financial incentive to protect his brother’s reputation.