Accessories that make a woman look older

Over time, people begin to show signs of aging. Both physical, such as wrinkles, sagging and expression lines. The truth is that human aging is intrinsic and irreversible.

Aging “is a complex process of biological and psychological changes in individuals,” explains the Colombian Ministry of Health.

Some people do not feel comfortable with the signs of aging, so they resort to different alternatives to look younger. There are those who resort to aesthetic treatments, surgical interventions or natural options such as home remedies.

On that same line too there are other options to look young as through fashionshoes, clothing, haircuts, etc.

In the case of women, there are accessories that are used to enhance clothing, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, among others. Nevertheless, several of them, instead of rejuvenating, can make the person look older. The portal specialized in fashion Glamorlisted some:

1. The shoulder pads: Although it is a trend that promises to return, they provide hardness to the garments and years to the wearer.

2. The maxi belt: Although it is a trend to wear the belt over clothing to accentuate the waist, it may also be increasing for a few years.

3. The Leopard Print: You do not have to eliminate these garments from your wardrobe, but it is best to use them in small doses to avoid adding years.

4. The XL Coat: loose garments tend to produce that effect. Besides, They add volume, so if you don’t want that effect, it’s best to avoid them.

5. The suit: Although attempts have been made to take the seriousness out of this outfit by combining it with tennis, the truth is that it is difficult to turn them into something youthful.

6. The handbag: Until recently, the use of this accessory was reserved for those over 40 and for special occasions, so to make it look youthful, it is better that the fabric is flexible and that it is combined with sports shoes.

7. The velvet: “There are fabrics, like velvet, that have such a long history that it is impossible to update them. They will never be modern”, he explains. Glamor.

Unlike the above, the portal specialized in beauty clearin its fashion section, mentions the accessories that make a woman look younger.

  • straw accessories: bags, wallets, shoes, platforms, sandals and hats are the elements used for summer. However, they have a special quality and that is that they look perfect at any age. His style gives look youth.
  • handkerchiefs: This plugin is very versatile. It can be used in the hair, on the head, on the neck, on the pants (as a kind of strap) or on the wrist. It can be worn as a bandana or as a turban, which matches the clothes. Scarves are accessories that work for both casual and dressy looks. They help look younger.
  • Sunglasses: If the desire is to look younger, round glasses are the perfect allies. Currently this is one of the best known fashions. They can be combined with the color of clothing and apply to simple or elegant occasions.
  • Necklaces: One of the trends in the world of fashion is mix of necklaces, that is, the mixture of different types of necklaces. It is not about wearing a lot of jewelry, but checking which chokers, ‘chokers’ or necklaces combine well with each other. The ideal is to use them at different heights, so that each one can be appreciated.