A series of reports on Mexican television portrays poverty in Cuba

The Mexican open television network DNA40 premiered one series of reports in five chapters documents the current situation in Cuba.

titled neither country nor lifethe series was in charge of the journalist Carolina Rochawho traveled to the island to see first-hand the complicated daily life of his people.

The chapters of neither country nor life document the long queues to get food and basic necessities, explain the context of inflation caused by the monetary order of the government of Miguel Diaz-Caneland recount both the life of Cuban peasants in the midst of obstacles and fiscal restrictions as well as the panorama of self-employed workers and the black market in which urban life unfolds.

Throughout the reports, the stories of the day-to-day protagonists in contemporary Cuba are linked with the discourse of specialists who explain the history of the revolution and describe the current scenario of the Cuban economy.

According to Aztec TVproducer of the series, neither country nor life it shows the face of a country beaten down by 60 years of dictatorship, six decades of taking away Cubans’ freedom even to choose what they have to work on or what to eat.

rock explained that the sensation that the images captured on the island left him with is that of “a shell of a country” and that he confirmed that in order to fulfill their dreams, Cubans “have to leave their country.”

The series of reports neither country nor lifeafter examining the reality of today’s Cuba, ends with an incontestable conclusion: “The decrepit facades, the hollow phrases, the masks, the simulations of the revolution fall, they collapse at the blow of the street.”

The premiere of the series coincided with the official visit of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Cuba, on May 7 and 8, when he met with the Cuban ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel and with the general Raul Castro.

Lopez Obrador signed cooperation agreements with Cuba and gave a diplomatic boost the Havana regime by threatening, two days after returning from the island, not to attend the Summit of the Americas if the Cuban government ends up being excluded from the event.

AMLO’s visit to Cuba has been harshly criticized by figures in Mexican politics and society.

Senator Alejandra Reynosoattached to the PAN, one of the opposition parties, reproached the Mexican president for his admiration for a regime that violates Human Rights in Cuba every day.

“Your visit to the Cuban dictatorship and your meeting with Raúl Castro do not bother me, President, they only confirm the regime that you admire and that you want to impose in Mexico, a regime that does not respect freedom and violates human rights every day. “, Held.

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