7 brands of Mary Janes and Mary Janes for fashion lovers

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We talked about mary janes and mary janes in 2019, when firms like Miu Miu and Chanel brought back this shoe along with all the school-inspired aesthetics that triumphed that winter. We talked about these childhood shoes again in 2020, the year in which they remained at the top and where it was time to remember the style of Jane Birkin or the fact that they are the favorite footwear of fashion experts such as Alexa Chung or Jeanne Damas. In 2021 and 2022, mary janes and mary janes have not only not abandoned the panorama of trends, but have established themselves as a whole must haveespecially in the wardrobe of the most stylish French women and Spanish lovers of minimalism.

A clear example of the rise of this footwear has come from the hand of Augusta. The Spanish firm, born in 2019 by the sisters Paloma and Cristina Rato Álvarez, has grown by 480% year-on-year, as reported by the founders. Its success came from the confinement, where the public began to discover it and has remained until today, where its models manufactured in an artisanal way in Alicante do not stop conquering insiders.

Beyond this Spanish label, others stand out on the international scene, such as Carel, a French firm with 70 years of history and whose creations have conquered personalities ranging from Alexa Chung to actress Emma Roberts.

Leaving aside the more classic firms, there are others such as Nodaleto (the work of Julia Toledano) that has completely reinvented the concept of Mary Jane, giving shape to its already well-known Bulla Babies, platform and high-heeled shoes that have conquered millennials and generation Z, getting to sneak into Emily in Paris outfits and numerous looks from street style.

We review these and many other national and international firms that have put this shoe in the spotlight and have crept into the wardrobes of the most acclaimed style prescribers:

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Carel’s Mary Janes are probably one of the most viral on Instagram. This French firm has no less than 70 years of history. It all started in 1947, when Georges Carel left his hometown of Grenoble and moved to Paris with his wife, Rosa. The founder of the firm begins to create comfortable and elegant shoes, which make a place for themselves among women. Years later, when high heels begin to appear, Carel realizes that freedom of movement is essential for women, something complex with a stiletto heel, and shapes a heel of less than 5 centimeters that combines the best of comfort and style.

During subsequent decades, the firm wore the designs of important creatives such as Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Castelbajac, Chantal Thomas or Issey Miyake, among others, with its creations.

In 2010, Frédérique Picard takes the reins of the firm, maintaining the heritage but giving it a new look that revitalizes it. Since then, her creations are known and admired worldwide.



After years working in the fashion industry, specifically at Loewe and Inditex, the sisters Paloma and Cristina Rato Álvarez decided to go their own way by founding Augusta, a sustainable, ethical and Made in Spain firm where the most classic mary janes are their hallmark identity.

Under the name of Emilia, these effect Mary Janes glossy They have earned a place in the closet of celebrities like Tamara Falcó or Blanca Miró.

If there is a firm that has reinvented and adapted this classic shoe to the generations that love platforms, that is, without a doubt, Nodaleto.

The firm, created by the young Julia Toledano, has become a benchmark with its Baby Bulla shoes, recognizable by the wide and irregular heel and for having made countless young people dream on social networks.

Their designs combine style and comfort and, in addition to the classic options, they come in the most appetizing tones and details.

The intention of this brand is to offer wardrobe basics of which it is not necessary to have a huge quantity, but which are totally necessary and timeless pieces.

The selection that we find in the store is vintage-inspired and sophisticated, where good Mary Jane-style shoes cannot be missing.

François du Chastel is the founder of Chatelles, a brand he launched in 2012 after leaving his job in banking in London to venture to create this firm with a clear idea: that women should not sacrifice comfort or femininity.

The Parisian Chatelles is completely dedicated to Mary Janes and slippers, reaching more than 500 different models produced, an exceptional job to turn this piece into an elegant and comfortable basic.

Furlane Mary Jane x Mary of the Order



Founded by the sisters Viola and Vera Arrivabene in 2015, Vibi Venezia arose from the interest aroused by the furlana, the traditional slippers Venetian that every time they visited friends around the world they asked for the whole family. In addition to them, they have reformulated them and now the flat Mary Janes are also one of their hallmarks.

A whole commitment to support local Venetian crafts, tradition and creativity, an alliance that is reflected in an elegant and comfortable design perfect to combine with any outfit.



Flabelus is a Spanish shoe firm that was born a year before the arrival of the coronavirus, with a clear objective: to reinvent the slippers with top quality production.

A production process that also hardly emits waste and whose materials are organic and recycled. An environmentally responsible brand that is the result of local, timeless, avant-garde and resistant designs. Simplicity, quality and comfort come together in these slippers made in Spain

In addition to the slippersits velvet mary janes and striking tones have become a must among fashion experts from Madrid.

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