6 trends in sunglasses to anticipate autumn winter 2022-2023

Among all the accessories, the Sunglasses they are that complement with the greatest capacity to transcend the seasons. They do not adhere to any season and have their permanent niche, as happens with bags and shoes, among any collection on the catwalk. With the arrival of summer literally just around the corner, this accessory is the perfect signing to get ahead of the fall winter trends 2022-2023 with absolute compatibility to the high temperatures of the festival period. We collect here some of the glasses that are in vogue to be the outstanding student of the class.


Seeing the turn that collections like Dior or Balmain Looking ahead to autumn, it is not surprising that the sunglasses that are going to be worn the most are also projected into the future. Yes salvatore ferragamo Part of mirrored lenses and sports-inspired designs, other firms opt for frames with very straight lines, as is the case with Balmain or Dolce and Gabbanawhose glasses look like something out of a science-fiction movie.

Balmain sunglasses fall winter 2022-2023.

Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2022-2023.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Dior fall winter 2022-2023 and its minimal futuristic glasses.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Salvatore Ferragamo fall 2022.

The most extreme version of futuristic glasses is found in the frames that almost seem a screen: XL models in dark colors that cover practically the entire face, as in the case of Robert CavalliVivienne Westwood or the visor design of Courreges. Dolce and Gabbana It also has one of the most impossible proposals of the season thanks to a completely rectangular accessory that seems made to delight Instagram. Compared to them, those of Dior are practically minuscule.

Visor glasses: this is how Courrèges sees the future for autumn 2022-23.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Roberto Cavalli fall winter 2022-2023.

Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2022-2023.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Autumn sunglasses will be black or they won’t be

If there is a color that sets the tone among the sunglasses of the season, that is black. It doesn’t matter what silhouette we imagine: they can be sports-inspired, like those of Balenciaga. Aviator type, like those of Saint Laurent or those of Gucci (in screen format). Even classic ones, like the ones proposed Michael Kors. With the type of frame that we like the most or that suits us best according to the shape of our face, any sunglasses design is suitable for investing in a model that never goes out of style.

Balenciaga joins the trend in black sunglasses for fall winter 2022-2023.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Gucci fall winter 2022-2023

Saint Laurent fall winter 2022 2023.


One of the maxims in terms of trends in sunglasses this fall 2022 is not to go unnoticed. Moschino It is a classic in that of betting on wacky designs, but he’s not the only one. Dolce & Gabbana proposes mismatched lens designs, while Louis Vuitton opts for a cat-eye model with a forged frame. For those who prefer the avant-garde, Acne Studios has included several proposals in the form of insect eyes. Armani is another of the firms whose glasses are more curious: a frame that is articulated, in dark colors, around the eyebrows. Another alternative goes through off-whitewhich includes various irregular layout options.

Moschino fall winter 2022.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2022.Acielle StyleDuMonde

Louis Vuitton fall winter 2022-2023.

Acne Studios fall winter 2022-2023.

Armani fall winter 2022.

transparent glasses

From the maximum to the minimum expression. The 2022 sunglasses trends move at the opposite extremes, also betting on absolute minimalism. Opposite of the impossible mounts, the tonic also goes through an acetate complement that gives absolute prominence to the look. Yes Fendi commitment to nineties inspiration, Givenchy opts for a more futuristic aesthetic, with models that are subtly dyed with colors such as green.

Fendi bets on transparent glasses, one of the trends of autumn 2022.

Givenchy fall winter 2022.Acielle StyleDuMonde

In addition to sunglasses, eyeglasses are also declined for this simplicity: a clean look that is articulated around transparent structures and, if possible, square. It is the bet that we find in Stella McCartney Phillip Plein and the more discreet version of off-white. Even Burberry bet on a silhouette in which it even dispenses with the glass, staying exclusively with the shape of the frame as one more stylistic gesture.

Off White fall winter 2022 2023.

Phillip Plein fall winter 2022 2023.

Clear glasses, seen on Stella McCartney.

Burberry fall winter 2022.Darrel Hunter

colored lenses

It is one of the trends that continues in force for next autumn-winter. If in its day you got some glasses with colored lenses, these months you are going to reuse them, according to firms such as Coach or Gucci. Although the yellow color is unbeatable, it opens up a chromatic range of possibilities that go from the red of the XL glasses from versace to the blue (and transparent) frames of Syrian Christian.

Christian Siriano fall winter 2022-23.

Versace fall winter 2022-23.

Gucci fall winter 2022-23.


In the trends in sunglasses we can find sharp lines such as cat-eye or more round, such as oval. However, square frames represent another of the interesting proposals that have been seen most among the autumn winter 2022 collections: a silhouette of dark or gradient lenses that is tinted in light or nude colors, according to Miu Miu, Lanvin or Gucci. Yes Coach Thanks to its bright colors, it recalls the optimism of the 60s, the XL size of the proposals by Giambattista Valli it also refers to that decade, but from a more sophisticated and less naive perspective.

Lanvin fall winter 2022-2023.

Gucci fall winter 2022-23.

Miu Miu fall winter 2022-23-

Coach bets on square sunglasses for fall winter 2022.

Giambattista Valli fall winter 2022.

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