5 beauty trends from London Fashion Week

  • Nails with pearls, the winter trend of manicure
  • Pastel eyes: Chiara Ferragni and Rita Ora say ‘yes’

    London Fashion Week, one of the most groundbreaking on the international scene, confirmed some of the trends seen in New York or Paris. However, there were also bets of their own, such as the appearance of dark lips in spring-summer, a trend that is usually reserved for the cold months. Three-dimensional applications in eye makeup have become undeniable and the color will fill the days of the most daring with energy.

    Detail of the manicure in the parade of Knwls.


    On the other hand, despite the fact that the fashion of the clean slateAs for nails, it seems more and more established -especially after counting among its followers with names like Chiara Ferragni or Rihanna- there are many the designers who continue to bet on giving a special role to manicures.

    Natural skin

    As in many of the other catwalks that have already taken place, natural leather is very represented among the designers who have walked in London. It is one of the trends that underpin the season and it is sustained by the natural current that society in general lives.

    natural skin at the catwalks of regina pyo, aime nielsen and faduma

    Natural skin in the parades of Regina Pyo, Aime Nielsen and Faduma.


    Both makeup and hairstyles have been influenced by this idea that exposes that what is natural is beautiful without the need for more artifice. Regina Pyo shows a skin in which they remain visible textures and imperfections. In these faces, the light naturally highlights areas such as the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the chin. Aime Nielsen presents a similar face in which some color can be seen in the cheeks and Feduma Fellohshop complements the naturalness of her face, with the natural texture of her hair.

    iridescent shadows

    The color in the eyes is another of the trends that we have seen on all the catwalks, although perhaps in New York it has been the place where it has been confirmed as a great trend for spring-summer 2022. If on the American catwalk we came with a decided bet due to saturated and matte colors, a novelty has been introduced in London: the colors are covered gives shine, giving rise to an iridescent finish. We have seen it in Osman, where the uniform color covers both mobile and fixed eyelid. In Tsx Design a color gradient is applied to give depth to the eye.

    iridescent shadows, between the proposals of osman and tsx design

    Iridescent shadows, among the proposals by Osman and Tsx Design.


    Lips vampire

    Although dark lip tones are usually reserved for the fall and winter seasons, this year everything changes. As proposed by the designers of the London Fashion Week these colors change the seasons and will cover the lips this spring summer.

    dark lips at the fashion shows of erinn hayhow, supriya lelé and mark fast

    Dark lips at the parades of Erinn Hayhow, Supriya Lelé and Mark Fast.


    Among the proposals we can find varied interpretations: Erinn Hayhow bets on a very matte finish and a really dark purple, which is almost perceived as black. The same tone is chosen by the firm Supriya Lelé, although in this case the glossy finish is chosen. in a tone something more luminous the lips of the Mark Fast signature are coloredwhich also opts for the glossy finish.

    fantasy makeup

    Creativity and imagination make their way on the catwalk. If we had already seen that in other fashion shows Like Haute Couture, 3D applications gained prominence, in London the bet is raised with full color drawings, eyelashes loaded with mascara in different shades and even colored contact lenses. All these proposals can be seen in the shows of Knwls, Paul & Joe and Paul Costelloe.

    fantasy makeup by paul costelloe, pauljoe and knwls

    Fantasy makeup by Paul Costelloe, Paul&Joe and Knwls.


    Protagonist nails

    Despite the rise of natural nails, the nail art and the color on the nails still has its space in the fashion shows. Paul & Joe chooses discreet and short nails that, however, he colors with pastel yellow nail polish. But the great commitment to decorated nails is made by the firm Knwls.

    Manicures from Knwls and Pauljoe

    Knwls and Paul&Joe manicures.


    In her parade we can see the models with very long nails decorated with different motifs in bright colors. In addition, the termination of it is creating two points on the sides, an original detail that does not go unnoticed.

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