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Fantastic Zipinion Polls

Demographic Sorting

Slice and dice your results by gender, education, age and location.


You have four lines of text to get your product or service noticed above the other gazillion competitors. We believe that is worth a second Zipinion.

Print Ads

Before you shell out thousands of dollars on a magazine ad, how about an extra twenty for peace of mind?

Political Mailers

You have five seconds from the mailbox to the trashcan to get your point across. Make sure that your point is not dumb.

Real Estate & Vacation Rental

Perspective home buyers look at hundreds of homes, but they look at thousands of thumbnails. Don’t be a thumbnail!

Slogans and Taglines

You could use Zipinion to choose a slogan, or a tagline, or even an epitaph, which you may need if you choose the wrong tagline for your campaign.

Tweets and Social Updates

The reputation of a billion dollar company is in the hands of a twenty-three year old ‘Social Media Coordinator’. Take five minutes and get the opinion of some grownups before you press send.

Product Packaging

You can use Zipinion to help you choose the perfect packaging or label for your product. The perfect product… well that’s your responsibility.


“Zipinion’s service is quick, easy and inexpensive to use. I get great feedback on ALL my ideas in a couple of hours and I don’t have to second guess the decisions I make.”

Zipinion is addictive. This is a new tool that we have to differentiate us from our competition.”

Zipinion is a great example of disrupting established marketplaces using Crowdsourcing.  It’s a game changer!”

Our company never sends out a Tweet or Facebook Post without getting 100 opinions on it first. Why wouldn’t we?”


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